Ban Public Schools, Raise Up Apprenticeships

Certainly, online public schools are viable, but what really caught my eye was the apprentice system suggested:


Students need hands-on training here. Fine. The district pays local businesses to take on apprentices. The students learn from successful businessmen how to ply their trade.

Alternatively, the district uses the money made by selling the high school campuses to build well-stocked shops. The district then offers retired professionals free rent and free apprentices: charter schools. They keep any money made through making repairs or building things. If necessary, the district pays them a fee per student, such as $1,000 for a 9-month year.

Students work four hours a day, either morning or afternoon. They take online video classes for their academic work.

There is no good reason to hire a shop instructor who could not run a business and who got a teaching certificate instead. Use the money saved by firing all of them to subsidize charter school programs run by successful practitioners with high school diplomas.

Shop classes are expensive to run. Students who have few intellectual aspirations are the most expensive to educate. That is reality. Each district should face up to it. It should let voters know how much it costs to keep these students in school.

Ban Public Schools, Not Guns by Gary North

Something useful for the Church to get into: educating low-to-average IQ people, especially boys and men, to be productive tradesmen who can earn a living.

The high-IQ types can get an trade education too… and then a master class… and then assistance/advice in setting up their own business, from HVAC to mason work to plumbing, and get a real nice income flow.

It would be good for the group — Christian or otherwise — that hooks all this up to get a small cut in revenue as a thank you, but it should not be necessary.

One way or another, Christian or not, good works will get rewarded.

(Just don’t trust the ‘giving hand’ of the State. That money is stolen money.

You are allowed to accept it, but never depend on it… and watch for the strings attached to it!)


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