It Was Inevitable: Mormon Edition

“Utah senate unanimously moves to decriminalize polygamy

The only way the sexual devolutionaries can advance their agenda and enforce its unity in society is by latching on the power of the State. Call it an old Marxist trick if you must, but that’s how you have unified individualism. Or, at least that’s how you attempt to have it. If sexuality, gender, and everything in between is a legitimate expression, then you must not have a transcendent law, otherwise you’ll be stuck; you’ll have to take a Sharpie to the whole “Thus saith the Lord” thing. If we’re supposed to be unified as a people, then you can’t allow for relativity and subjective purpose for individuals. So, what do you do? You strong-arm the Christians with the State. (It always ends in statism. . . .)

So, that’s why America fell off the bed of the truck and tumbled into the ditch. The dialectics get shuffled around a bit, and the LBGQTWHATEVER continues to insist that marriage should be between two people who love each other, all the while failing to give us an answer as to why it should be limited to two.

Dialectical Ninnyhammers And A Sexually Burned-Out Nation, by Jason Garwood

“Service to the State! Glory to…

  • the Race!
  • the Party!
  • the Sex Organ!”

God’s enemies were always laughable – if murderous – clowns. And as time goes on and the tie between Our Betters and reality frays and snaps, the mass murders are increasingly limited to just the very weakest of us, while the earned contempt grows at an increasingly logarithmic rate.

I recommend that Christians get ready to make their move, at the when Our Secularist Betters finish bankrupting and delegitimizing their One True God, the State. It will take at least two decades for them to finish the job, maybe three, but certainly less than five decades.

As they wither and die, we need to grow deep in obedience to God as we multiply in wisdom, wealth, and numbers.

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