On the Liberal Love of Minorities

(A partial repost from the sci-fi blog)

Reading a few Spiked articles from Britain:

Minority moral posing is important to the Western white elites. I mean, really important, to the level that it smells like some kind of substitute for religion.

A strongly-held religion, that justifies their power, that is beloved precisely because it is not commonly shared by the masses, and thus confers Elite status.

But certainly, a religion “free of all that supernatural cant of some god telling us what we can or can’t do. That’s what we are for!”

A special note should be made of the envy-driven hatred the British Left reserves for successful, capitalistic, morally conservative British Indians… despite their dark skin.

When you aren’t a toy to be used, the Master’s love will turn to venom.

Black Americans, take note.

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