The Road to Agelessness

(An edited version of the sci-fi original)

Nope, not real-deal, laughing at bullets, mocking nuclear strikes immortality.

But agelessness? Yep.

The article mentions in passing that “It’s not known whether cells in other organs and tissues have this capability, but it remains an open avenue of investigation.” Logically, it would seem that blood and skin are the next to investigate, since they constantly regenerate new cells. Skin cells were the first tissue cells that Yamanaka used to develop iPSCs.

But what if each organ or tissue could have this capability? The body could live indefinitely, because repairs would be automatic. It would be like each part of a car having the innate ability to return to the raw material from which it was made, and then mold itself back over the damaged part. You would never have to drive to a garage for an external agent (a mechanic) to take out and replace a part. The car could have ‘eternal life’ in a sense.

How Tissues Could Last Forever, by David F. Coppedge

Seeing Christians stop worrying about the Antichrist, and start planning how to create ageless humanity, is what makes living today far more interesting than back in the supposedly better days of the past.

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