Evolution, Dehumanization… and the Christian Counter

Evolutionist Admits Darwin’s Connection to Racism is a good “review the basics” article, so far as the actual, dehumanizing results of Darwinist thought are concerned.

But here, I want to focus on the opposition to Darwin: Christianity and the Personal, Meaningful Cosmos of justice and mercy Christians – and not Darwinists – recognize as the Real World.

But first, the temple priesthood. You know, the best churches with the right short of people

—<Quoting from the article below>—

Unfortunately, many of the so-called liberal Christian churches that accepted evolution, such as some Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopalian churches, influenced by their colleges and universities, went along with eugenics because, they reasoned, if evolution from molecule to man was a fact, all of the races could not be equal.[5] And as a result,

Christians played a large role in the dissemination of eugenics. … one of the largest standing committees of the American Eugenics Society [in the first three decades of the twentieth century] was the Committee on Cooperation with Clergymen.” In fact, clergy of many religious traditions joined in the cause, writing, preaching, and lecturing widely in support of eugenics.[6]

Slattery makes it clear that exceptions to this Christian embrace of eugenics occurred primarily within denominations that rejected evolution and held to the Biblical teaching that all humans are descendants of the first human couple created by God, namely Adam and Eve. He points out that anti-modernist Catholics, together

with fundamentalist Protestants, most Catholics opposed both evolution and eugenics. Eugenics was largely supported by moderate and liberal Christians who embraced science because they believed it was on the side of social progress.[7]

Furthermore, the “same people who supported some variety of eugenics often championed progressive political causes. Such figures included Helen Keller, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, and … Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.” As Professor Slattery acknowledged,

if you accepted Darwin’s evolutionary theory in the early twentieth century, you probably also supported eugenics. Pro-science progressives embraced both, while conservatives, including the Vatican, rejected both. Very few rejected one but not the other.[8]

Slattery continues by describing what happened after World War II.

Public support of eugenics plummeted after Nazi Germany’s crimes were revealed. While many scientists continued to argue against the equality of all humans—protesting en masse, for example, against the 1950 UNESCO statement on human rights—the tide of public opinion had turned.

The world finally realized the harm that accepting evolution inevitably caused. The fact is, when “Darwin introduced his theory of “evolution by means of natural selection” in 1859… most scholars still believed in the immediate creation of all human life by God.” After Darwin, all of this changed. Now, close to 98 percent of all eminent scientists reject Christianity and most of those embrace atheism.

—<End quote>—

That “98% of all eminent scientists reject Christianity” exists mainly for two reasons:

  • The Right Sort of clergy dumped the Law, God’s Authority, and the Authority of Scripture long ago. As the Sadducees insisted, the authority of men is dominant outside the temple precincts, while the authority of the priest shall rule within, to conduct the right ceremonies and spout the mystical words.

and, more grimly

  • Faithless Christians ran away from reality, instead of facing the enemy: crying out for a Rapture, insisting that this world belongs to Satan rather than Christ, and quietly despising the Law and the Commandments as much – perhaps even more than – any atheist did.
    • I wonder how much of this was tied to enjoying the stolen goods of the welfare state, shifting their love and trust from an invisible God to government cheques you can see and touch.
    • “It is not God who heals, who provides salvation and salves (medicine). It is the government hospital, and the government doctor, who saves your lives without cost!”
  • As they don’t really believe that God actually commanded them to occupy the land and expand His Kingdom, these faithless cowards are quite willing to turn leadership positions in society to those who hate God. “Less stress and bother, more time to righteously preen in our cloisters and chase younger members of the congregation!”

As for those servants who would not have Him rule over them? Who would pour contempt on His laws and His words?

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.

But his citizens hated him, and sent a message after him, saying, We will not have this man to reign over us.

Luke 19:13-14, King James Version

You know how the parable ends.

And don’t forget: this parable isn’t focused on unbelievers, be they Muslims or Jews or Atheists. The evil servants claim to be good citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom, servants of God.

Shun the rebellious servants of God.

  • They live for safety, pleasure, and honour today… and have no future.
  • Not themselves… and not their non-existent children either.

Stick with the loyal and obedient servants of God.

  • They pay the price — financial, career, socially — today… for a good future.
  • Themselves… and their children, physical and spiritual, too!

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