Cleaning the Carpet

I just like seeing a professional at work.

A properly compensated professional.

Sure, the Right Sort are working hard to drive ideologically impure people from various jobs and careers. But there are still ways and means to get family-supporting income, if you are willing to use your elbow grease, get committed, and dump the puffed-up pride.

And I have a suspicion that the talented craftsman/small-scale entrepreneur, if willing to pay his dues, has a better future than the average academic & STEM professional.

Or lawyer, a profession that is being squeezed right now.

Or doctor, as state & federal budgetary squeezes begin.

Even the cushy federal bureaucracy position will get put under stress before, say, plumbers or various technical trades do.

Incidentally, the young man works in the NW Georgia area –

Just FYI.

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