Public School Design and Homeschool Ads

It’s hard to imagine anyone would design a school in the United States without at least considering the possible violence that might happen there. You wouldn’t design a school without tables, or bathrooms, or bookshelves. Now, in 2019, you wouldn’t design one without ways for a kid to get away from an active shooter either. It certainly won’t happen in every school. But when it comes to having students safely protected behind layers of reinforced glass and carefully placed concrete…well, you’d rather have it just to be safe, right?

I have no idea why any Christian would send his children to a public school… except one: free day care.

In contrast, there are several dozen reasons why you should not do so.

Churches who provide mutual-support homeschooling networks for their younger attendants are actually justifying their existence (gasp), for both teaching the faith to the next generation and in keeping their weakest members safe.

And giving some tools for mothers to upgrade their own abilities and skills, while giving assistance and protection to the smallest among us.

Double the points if they can somehow extend it to a profit-based business for non-church members!

The revolution will be permanent. This will never end until the ideology that drives it ends, and that requires religious conversion to Christianity, the only religion that seeks to do good to all men, as Kublai Kahn put it. In other words, the nations must be converted. This is the only solution to this problem. But it requires a different understanding of the Christian faith from the one that drives the heretical escapist mystery cult that the modern Church has become.

The Fascists Are Already Here by Stephen C. Perks

Putting an end to the continual soft-fascist drift in the West will start in the Church. And that begins as the Church (…and individual churches…) goes out of their way to protect the small and the weak.

Nobody is interested in cross-waving fascists.

But Christians who take self-governance and their responsibility to their neighbors seriously, protecting the weak as a core mission, and refuse to sell out their liberty for State protection and approval, will be given a hearing.

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