Sweden, Rainbow Flags, and the Impossible

A municipality in Sweden decided to quit flying LGBT pride flags on public buildings, after conservative parties took over the city council.

The town of Solvesborg in southeastern Sweden has voted to stop hoisting the rainbow-colored flag on the city hall every August during Stockholm Pride, the annual LGBT-themed festival held in the nation’s capital. From now on, only local and national flags are allowed on public buildings.

The idea of flying the Pride colors was introduced in 2013, when the city council was led by the center-left Social Democrats. But now the city is controlled by conservative Swedish Democrats (SD) and three other right-leaning parties, who decided to revise the local flag code.

‘Tradition is important to us’: Swedish town rebels against LGBT rainbow flag on city hall by RT

If you had asked me ten minutes ago, I would have replied with UNCOMPROMISING CERTAINTY that the Pride Flags in Sweden will only come down after the Crescent Moon and Star flag came up.

Now, I am left to face the impossible.

And not for the first time: long, long ago, I would have argued that the Soviet Union would never, under ANY circumstances, let go of East Germany.

Something is going on. Again.

Hat tip: gospelbbq

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