Schools, the Coronavirus, and Protecting/Building the Future

Protect Your School

North has some good advice for private schools & day cares here:

Even though COVID-19 doesn’t hit kids as hard as it hits adults & the elderly — praise God for that great mercy! — it’s good that he’s still taking the threat seriously.

(Especially as he’s more of a homeschool guy, rather than a private school man! See the Ron Paul Curriculum site for details…)

“Protect the small” is exactly the same as “protect the future”, and is simply mandatory for Christians, who are expected to inherit the future.

Get Ready

Also: even if there’s just a 0.1% death rate for the disease in the US this year, that’s still 323,000 dead in the United States. Not a joke, especially if you are in a target population: older, sickly, smoker, drinker, and a man.

I want my readers to eat well, take their Vitamin C, practice some social distancing, and consider wearing a mask in public. Stock up on some food and stores, call it two weeks worth, in case you get quarantined. More if you are so inclined.

Also note that we are to fear God first. Sure, protect you and yours from the disease as best as you can, but don’t let fear of the plague stand above the fear of God. The Christian residents of Wuhan provide a good example here.

(A little Chalcedon encouragement here.)

Government Lies and Graves;
Godly Truths and Cradles

The West – and East Asia – live in aging populations, that depend on the taxes of the young to keep the broadly state-owned medical system up and running.

We will have ever-fewer young children in the coming decades. And the stress of the government-owned medical systems will only increase: less money, more usage.

The socialized health care systems of the West will collapse, sometime in the next 10-20 years: no money coming in, too many expences, and no one is willing ot lend to a bankrupt State unable to pay its debt, or even the interest thereof.

So dyeth the Saviour-Healer State and its Ponzi promises.

My prediction: around 10-20 years in the future

  • just before the immediate end of government health care
    (as the final straw on the back)
  • or afterwards
    (in the dangerous gap between the death of the government-as-healer,
    and before private alternatives are ready)

there is going to be some kind of coronavirus/killer flu that is going to kill a A LOT of people.

With so many old and sick people at that time in the West and East Asia — see rapidly aging, heavily indebted China, the homeland of the flu — and with badly weakened health care systems, the future plague will have a feast not seen since 1918.

I believe that hundreds of millions, perhaps even a solid billion, will die at that time.

Christians who want to expand the Kingdom of God should kids, as many as we can feed and care for, and raise them in the fear of the Lord.

(And if you have hit your limit, maybe you can have bear or adopt one more.)

We are all going to die, sooner or later, by the flu or some other reason.

But we must protect the future, and we must still insure that the Kingdom of God expands, even after we die.

There was a time when I used to wonder about some of the great men of God , and some of the saints of old, how blind they were. I sometimes used to think, when I was much younger, that so often in their old age they were planning and thinking ahead of things ten, twenty, thirty years ahead. When anyone in their right mind would have said, “Look if you have five years or ten, you have much to be grateful for.”

Or George Washington, who when he was an old man brought new land in the western areas and couldn’t wait to make the down payment on it, was thinking about building out fresh out there. How ridiculous it seemed to me once, until I grew up a bit, and realized this is why they were great men. Right up to the last, they were working and planning and thinking and talking about the future. This was the greatness of Washington, that he was always thinking ahead, and never thinking purely in personal terms or the past. Always of something bigger than himself.

— R. J. Rushdoony

Think about the future — plan what you want the future to be like — work to make it happen.

And never let a good crisis go to waste.

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