"Humans are Cthulhu"

From the webarchive version:

Let’s take a big broad view of this. You are a life form that is observing a series of abstract symbols on a screen that form words. Discreet clusters of sounds that represent things that in many cases have no connection to anything in the sensory world but instead act as place holders for general trends in the universe. Love is something that has no meaning to a reptile but would probably mean a lot to a dog. But what of romance, poetry, spirituality? Not only are the concepts outside of the dog’s experience but they are impossible for it to understand. It’s brain hasn’t the language center to consider them.

OK, at least we covered the basics here.

Now, we are done with the milk, and can feast on meat.

On the outside we are freakish up right apes but on the inside we exist in far more than three dimensions and traffic in thing as unreal as philosophy, politics and religion. A huge portion of your brain exist to sort things that can’t be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted and in nearly any other species that would be little more than madness and death.

That is, a huge portion of your brain exists to sort out things that have no physical existence. Things that cockroaches, mice, grass, and all other biological beings have done quite well without wasting two joules of energy on.

I’m sure that the Darwinians have an explanation for this.

It doesn’t really matter what that explanation is: so long as it is strictly materialistic – that is, leaves no door for a law code above that of the State or Powerful Men wish – it is acceptable to Powerful Men who quietly detest the possibility of being held to account for their actions.

To a law that they themselves did not write, and do not control, and whose enforcement they cannot hinder very much for very long…

even in this world. Never mind before the White Throne!

We are not Cthulhu because we have habits that other species don’t understand. Below language everything is comprehensible and nothing is comprehensible. Comprehensibility isn’t an issue until you develop abstract language and find the need to describe things that you can’t point to. Before that all there is is confusion. Whether something can or can’t be understood just isn’t a point of consideration. What makes use Cthulhu is that we would need to imagine him, spread the idea of him, get bored with him, and eventually dissect him and find ourselves inside.

The writer above have it half-right: our gods are made in our image, for our entertainment and amusement, and fundamentally reflect us.

The problem is, our gods are idols, things we make.

But we are made in the image of God…

…and it is this God, the one we can’t control, that is the fundamental focus of elite contempt and hatred.

H.P. Lovecraft could live with unknowable chaotic beings shaping the cosmos for uncaring ends: “It’s all going to end with the heat-death of the universe anyways” as his current fans would say.

But he – nor his intellectual fellow-travellers – could not live with the idea of a Compassionate Maker who hates – and increasingly manifests – the destruction of evil, in all its forms. With the perfect destruction of evil – and evildoers – fairly soon, in the next few thousand years if current technological trends continue.

Keep an eye, not on space colonies, but on the end of Death itself.

Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

I Corinthians 15:24-26, English Standard Version

AFTER the end of Death has been secured, THEN the Second Coming occurs.

Jesus Christ reigns today. And, His enemies are being broken today.

His people, filled by His Spirit, obedient to Christ’s word, and following Christ’s direction, will bring it to pass.

Then, they lay their crowns at Christ’s feet.

And Christ lays all crowns at the feet of His Father.

In the meantime, Christians who have their head screwed on right will be sure to avoid such insanity demonically-empowered suicide as rooting our being and thinking in the hatred of our Maker and Judge.

You know, the way Our Betters expect.

Talk about a will to death and hell!

(Rushdoony actually speaks on how Christianity saves people from such obvious foolishness here.

Sheep who choose their shepherd wisely are rewarded, while atheists/secularists who insist that their shepherd, the State, can also rewrite reality just by the power of its word

“Men are women if parliament declares it so!

….will be left to the reward they have earned.)

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