"Wealth redistribution done right"

Wealth Redistribution, Short-term

Not by men with badges and guns, grinning about Their Love of the People…

…as they take stuff from people they don’t like to give to people they do like.
(most definitely including themselves and their friends!).

But by men with hearts, demonstrating love to individual people – that man, that woman, that child. People with faces, not some airy abstraction of “the People”.

Men with hearts, giving out of their own wealth, their own time, and from others who choose to also give out of what the have, without armed men “encouraging donations.”

It started yesterday when my wife informed me of a report that said U-Haul is making an extraordinary outreach to help students affected by COVID-19. The company is extending free storage for 30 days to college students.

“More and more universities are giving instructions to leave campus and go home. Students and their parents are in need of moving and storage solutions. We have the expertise and network to help, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” a spokesperson for the company says.

What a great way for those with means to help those who do not. It is the perfect Christian, humane, and free-market reaction. It is giving voluntarily to help those in need. There is no government program. But note: it requires giving. Further, it requires giving freely from what is considered one’s own profits. It is what Christ speaks of in Luke 6: lend, expecting nothing in return. Better yet, just give, expecting nothing in return.

Corporate and private charity in crisis: Wealth redistribution done right by Joel McDurmon


Collectivists hate this, because they hate the idea of having to say thank you, for receiving a benefit they could not earn, and has no right to take.

Collectivists – wearing Black or wearing Red – are tyrants.

But God never did have any time for thieves, perverts, or murderers.

And not much more time for weak Christians, always crying out for a king to rule over them… instead of taking responsibility themselves.

Wealth Redistribution, Long Term

Over time, the wealth of those who are far from God is transferred to those who are close to God.

This process will occur in time, and on earth, and properly completed at the White Throne Judgement, as Jesus sorts out the quick and hte dead, sheep nations and goat nations.

But this is to be a peaceful process: God’s Law working out over time, not some vicious Leader yapping about His Love of the People as the machine-guns of the Jacobins sing with pleasure.

And in the meantime? If, for example, the pagan Japanese are blessed with wealth as a lowkey bribe for working hard in building more useful, high-quality gadgets instead of going for the rape-murder of Chinese women by the tens of thousands?

Then that’s a fine use of wealth so far as I am concerned.

As for those ‘believing Christian nations’ that remain poor – yes, I’m looking at Africa – well, it’s time to dump the socialism and uphold the Commandments, don’t you think?

Don’t only recite the prayers, or dance and sing you praises.
FIRST, do what He says! No stealing, no murder, no corruption!
THEN, you can also pray, dance, and sing… and be rewarded for it!

2 thoughts on “"Wealth redistribution done right"

  1. Wealth redistribution should take place via voluntary exchange only. Just extracting wealth from one group of people and making the argument that the group the wealth is being extracted from has more than enough is absurd.

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