"What Happened?"

Some people have made things happen, some responded to what was happening, while others are still asking, “What happened?”

Once upon a time, Christians were people who made things happen.

Now, the vast majority of us look around, bewildered, wondering what happened?

The short from? Comfortable sin, complacency, an escape-oriented otherworldiness, and a love of Government-Gods that can save and heal and protect and feed us in our time of need. “A god we can see, a god we can touch.”

A broken-back, seminary-gelded temple priesthood – far more interested in protecting its social position and privileges than risking it all to expand the Kingdom of God — didn’t help, either.

Time God’s People to get back to where we should be: People Who Make Things Happen.

As opposed to a bunch of fearful conservative reactionaries, futilely trying to stop the future that other people are shaping.

“Oh, you know that evil will always win, and trying to stop it always fails, so we might a well get back to our shrinking prayer circles and wait for the Rapture – with the one talent we have carefully hidden away. Surely God will be pleased because we decided not to waste a minute in some worthless attempt to expand His Kingdom, His authority, His peace, His mercy, His justice!”

Oh, it seems that I actually forgot to mention one of the men who made things happen.

That would be Jon Buell, who fought the good fight on challenging the thin Narrative on the Origin of Life.

I learned with sadness yesterday that my good friend and colleague Jon Buell passed away on Saturday (3/14/20). I had been Jon’s academic editor for The Foundation for Thought and Ethics (FTE), a Dallas publisher of books aimed at un-indoctrinating high school and college age students. He hired me in 1997 and I stayed on in that position until my family’s move from Texas to Iowa in 2012. …

Jon’s role in the intelligent design movement was seminal. He was the moving force behind the publication of The Mystery of Life’s Origin, which appeared first in 1984 and appeared as a 35th anniversary edition greatly expanded and updated in January of this year.

That Jon was able to get Mystery to see the light of day was a miracle. Convinced that a materialistic understanding of biological origins was completely wrong, Jon sought to undermine this view at its weakest point, namely, the origin of life. To that end, he gathered together top researchers who could address the problem and convincingly argue for the futility of materialistic origin of life scenarios, namely, Charles Thaxton, Walter Bradley, and Roger Olsen.

Bill Dembski, “The Passing of Jon Buell” at billdembski.com

(Taken from Uncommon Descent, Remembering Jon Buell (d. March 14, 2020) )

Time to Make Things Happen. Time to fight.

One thing the Church is good at is lobbing water balloons over the trenches during battle (thinking that somehow we are doing something helpful), all the while the enemy’s .50 cal is mowing us down. Worse yet, many stand back thinking that they shouldn’t even throw a water balloon, let alone engage in any form of battle. Unfortunately, at this point, I’ve already offended someone with the analogy.

Our aversion to cultural engagement comes from a thorough conviction that Jesus would’t want it that way, which is fueled by a quasi-Gnostic dualism that rejects any material “victory” in history. After all, it is assumed, Jesus didn’t tell us to change culture and deal with systemic injustice and racism, he told us to just preach the gospel. So stop with all this race talk. (We really are this bad.)

Furthermore, this type of thinking also stems from antinomian proclivities that teach us not to think much of the law of God. Now, the average Evangelical doesn’t really know much about the law of God to begin with, and that’s because it isn’t taught from the pulpit. It’s also nothing to focus on in seminary because, after all, you need to discover the type of leader you are so that you can continue to perpetuate the Pastor-as-CEO model that’s currently crumbling around us. But alas, I have digressed. You get the point: We need to quit with the poo-pooing of the law of God.

The churches’ aversion and our need to fight by Jason Garwood

Time to Make Things Happen.

Time to Fight.


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