The Death of the Ocean

13 Sperm Whales Found Dead with Stomachs Full of Plastic Trash

If Greenpeace and the environmentalists had focused their time from the 1990s onwards on saving the ocean, this would not have happened.

Instead, they decided to focus on global warming, in a drive for control of the world economy.

In September 1990, socialist multimillionaire economist Robert Heilbroner wrote an article for The New Yorker: “After Communism.” It was an amazing article. He actually talked about the fact that Ludwig von Mises had predicted in 1920 that socialism would not work, and then he wrote these three words: “Mises was right.” This admission came from a man who had written by far the most popular book on the history of economic thought, The Worldly Philosophers, in which he did not even mention Mises. He became a multimillionaire with this book, yet in 1990, he was implicitly admitting that the most important single observation of 20th-century economics had been Mises’ observation regarding the inherent irrationality of socialism, and it was ignored for 70 years by the economics profession. It is still being ignored.

In that article, he tried to give hope to his socialist peers. He said that there was a possibility of keeping the socialist movement going by committing to environmentalism.

Global Warming: Socialism’s Last Stand by Gary North

No environmentalist cared if South Korea was killing off the oceans due to it’s government subsidies to its fishing fleet. No environmentalist put even 1% of the effort put to kill factories and business, that they could have put into establishing ownership of the oceans and seas… and inflicting penalties on those who damage the sea.

It’s the Tragedy of the Commons that have murdered the ocean. And all the environmentalist cares about is destroying economic growth and prosperity, their hockey sticks and faked data.

And in the meantime, the forests and wildlife of North America grows in leaps and bounds, and marginal farmland is increasingly abandoned worldwide, left to wilderness, due strictly to capitalism and technological progress.

I can only pray that God will properly reward the environmentalist-collectivist Stewards of the Earth for their disgusting failure and corruption, even an out-and-out hatred of His land and His property, as well as their hatred of the poorest, trying to build a better life for their families.

“Strictly in the name of centralized power and control.”

“It’s important that THEY stay poor, while WE stay rich.
In the name of Stability and the Earth, naturally.”

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