Whoring Your Daughters Out

Something the upper classes — “you know, the ones who drive media discussions and shape public education” — has decided to back.

Quite literally.

Pimp My Preschooler

It was the dreaded Moms’ Night Out at my son’s exorbitantly expensive Montessori preschool.

There were a few aged rock stars and insufferable list B-actors with children at this school, but that wasn’t going to stop me from providing my firstborn with excellence in developmental education that mainly seemed to involve depositing smooth pebbles into various bowls using hand-hewn stone implements.

We were just digging into pizza and our third bottle of Chianti when a stylish, glossy-haired mother of two started talking about her daughter, who was three. In a voice filled with breathless anticipation, she described her plans for when her baby would enter the sexual marketplace. “I just want her to know she can tell me anything. As soon as she gets her period, I’m totally taking her to get on the pill. I just want us to be close.”

She turned to me. “Have you thought about when you’ll put your daughter on the pill?” My daughter was one at the time.

There aren’t a lot of street pimps in the suburbs of America. We don’t need them: we have affluent white female liberals, or “AWFLs,” as the Internet calls them. The expression “to turn out” comes from prison and street hooker culture. Pimps “turn out” girls; turn them into prostitutes and offer them up to customers. Getting “turned out” is what these bad boyfriends do to impressionable young girls.

I only learned these terms from the blistering streetwalker documentaries HBO used to run in early 2000s, before they discovered Prestige Rape Drama. But the term fits exactly what middle- and upper-middle class families are doing to their daughters. They don’t actually want them to grow up into hookers, but the end results are sort of the same.

And as the old joke goes, at least the women in the Lucite pleasers and hot pants are getting paid for it.

Big Pimping, by Peachy Keenan

Yes, this is the perspective of Our Mighty Masters.


Well, they still have plenty of wealth and power. But what they don’t have is a future. Without a disciplined, forward-thinking moral (…or financial…) sense, they will annoy and impede and delay. But they aren’t going to build, or grow, or aim for anything higher than their immediate pleasure, and the avoidance of any consequences for their destructiveness.

Moreover: contempt for their own flesh and blood means contempt for their followers. Something that’s going to have a backlash, as the Masters can casually pay for their mistakes, or rewrite/change the law to evade their just due. But their followers can’t, and will grow to resent the comforts of their masters, and the increasing poverty they will get.

(You know, “single-mother family”, “welfare dependent”, “no stable family life”, etc. A nice, deep hole, all based on the government love their followers seek.

Government-god idolaters get what’s coming for them.)

Courtly love was adultery and chivalry was originally horsemanship, but our developed concept of chivalry is both of these rolled together: adultery and war. And adultery and war just about sums up the traditional British ruling class attitude to life. When the permissive society became a thing in the 1960s in Britain all that happened was that the centuries old sexually immoral lifestyle of the aristocracy—the sexual mores of chivalry—was adopted by a greater part of the people of all classes.

The Nastiness of Chivalry—Sex and Violence Mediaeval Style by Stephen C. Perks

Ruling aristocracies, who have cut themselves from God, have a tendency to sterility, bankruptcy, and death.

They also become reactionaries: but, unlike American Christians, they will long to return to the 1970s, where you can have all the sex with none of the consequences.

But their fading memories don’t match up to the real world, and hasn’t been for some time now. Regardless of the aging – if very comfortable – readership of The Atlantic.

As noted in Takimag — Liberated for Loneliness, by Christopher DeGroot — an increasing slice of the population is simply going to abandon sexual activity. Others have noted that this follows Japanese behaviour for the last decade or two.

So, we get an increasing number of bankrupt whores among the elite, and an increasing number of solvent – but sterile – elites as well.

Last year, a study by Rosenfeld et al. published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that heterosexuals are more likely to meet a romantic partner online than through personal contacts and connections. Since 1940, according to the researchers, traditional ways of meeting partners—through family, in church, and in the neighborhood—have all been in decline.

Liberated for Loneliness, by Christopher DeGroot

Much as I loathe much of the current leadership of the Church, personal contact, and Christian community, is going to be what protects the Church in the coming depopulation wave.

(Now, if we could have self-sacrificial leadership, justice, accountability, and a vision of victory for all of society as well as ourselves. Build Christ’s Kingdom – in , and beyond, the church walls!)

And, as we know,

  • the current Coronavirus is grounded in the aging society, with all of society quarantined, so the old and powerful don’t feel singled out. “Age discrimination is illegal, don’t you know!”as North’s article The Fake Reason Behind the Lockdowns notes.

“Saving Lives”? Spare me!

  • the destruction of the wealth-generating private sector (and the inevitable recession & popping of market bubbles) will add massively to the debt;
  • the widespread spending and additional controls will also add to the debt


Sure, the wealthy and powerful hate God, and rule today.

But they don’t have a future, aren’t building a future, and don’t really want a future.

Building the future is our job.

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