Priestly Prophecies, Real Consequences

Priestly Prophecies

When I say “Priestly” here, I mean real priests, as honoured and respected by our Lord and Master, the State. Priests whose word has real power.

Scientists, of course.

Members of the Order of the White Smock.

The Scientist Whose Doomsday Pandemic Model Predicted Armageddon Just Walked Back The Apocalyptic Predictions

British scientist Neil Ferguson ignited the world’s drastic response to the novel Wuhan coronavirus when he published the bombshell report predicting 2.2 million Americans and more than half a million Brits would be killed. After both the U.S. and U.K. governments effectively shut down their citizens and economies, Ferguson is walking back his doomsday scenarios.

Ferguson’s report from Imperial College, which White House and other officials took seriously, said that if the U.S. and U.K. did not shut down for 18 months, and isolation measures were not taken, “we would expect a peak in mortality (daily deaths) to occur after approximately 3 months.” His “models” showed overflowing hospitals and ICU beds.

“For an uncontrolled epidemic, we predict critical care bed capacity would be exceeded as early as the second week in April, with an eventual peak in ICU or critical care bed demand that is over 30 times greater than the maximum supply in both countries,” the report reads.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, reportedly said the administration was particularly focused on the Imperial College report’s conclusion that entire households should stay in isolation for 14 days if any member suffered from COVID-19 symptoms.

But after tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, and businesses closed, Ferguson is now retracting his modeling, saying he feels “reasonably confident” our health care system can cope when the predicted peak of the epidemic arrives in a few weeks. Testifying before the U.K.’s parliamentary select committee on science and technology on Wednesday, Ferguson said he now predicts U.K. deaths from the disease will not exceed 20,000, and could be much lower.

[…useful graphs and twittering snipped…]

Ferguson, who has since tested positive for the Wuhan virus himself, has not issued any official retraction or apologies for his incorrect predictions. The New Scientist reports Ferguson did acknowledge it was impractical to keep the country in an isolated lockdown for 12 to 18 months, especially because of the impact on the economy. “We’ll be paying for this year for decades to come,” he said.

The Imperial College report was also the basis for the modeling used by the website COVID Act Now, which local and state officials in the U.S. then used to issue “shelter-in-place” mandates. COVID Act Now, which was founded by a handful of Democratic activists in Silicon Valley, is an online mapping tool that generates models predicting coronavirus hospitalizations, which have also already proved to be wildly inaccurate.

From: The Scientist Whose Doomsday Pandemic Model Predicted Armageddon Just Walked Back The Apocalyptic Predictions by

So, we get a false prophet with a white smock.

He gets the kind of hearing, respect, and obedience from the government that no Christian clergyman has received in roughly three centuries or so.

(With the pointed exception of Martin Luther King. Interesting, that.)

Real Consequences

And get who will pay the price for the false prophecy – complete with magic charts and data bases? Not the Power Elite, I can tell you that!

Chart of Initial Unemployment Claims, St. Louis FED
From, “A Word About the Horrid Spike in Unemployment Claims and Why it’s Even More Horrid Than it Appears”

What this really shows is what kind of religion our Masters truly believes in, where their faith truly resides.

I am confident that there was a range of opinions, a number of different scientific voices that The Leaders and the Senior Bureaucrats could have chosen from.

And they smoothly chose to follow the scientist-prophet that was the most hysterical, that gave the Right Sort the lovely justifications needed to gain the most power over those filthy commoners who work with their hands, those servants who must struggle to please the customer to get their daily or weekly wages.

“Why worry about it? Lots of new government money will now be spent, to keep the massive new class of government dependents pacified. Less self-reliance from the unwashed? More spending, powered by more debt? Win-win, I say!

Until the now massively-increasingly debt load comes due.

“Deficits don’t matter.”

So sayeth Republican (and Democratic… and Conservative… and Labour… and Liberal…) wisdom.

But if you are a Christian, you already know the truth of the matter: All debts will be paid for in full.

Sure, your debts can be forgiven you, if you repent.

But Our Leaders have no intention of repenting for a single thing.


That leaves Our Leaders – and Our Society, that (by and large) eagerly follows them in all things – to receive what’s waiting for us behind Door #2.

See to it, as much as is possible, that you and yours are not part of that literally-damned crowd.


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