IMPORTANT: Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Plumbing, and Waste Bins

Reality: Avoiding a Big Bill

Fact: Many people out there are rationing toilet paper. Over the next month, they will run out.

Fact: Many people, with no toilet paper, will switch to Kleenex or paper kitchen towels.

Problem: Toilet paper dissolve in water. Kleenex, paper kitchen towels, etc, will not dissolve in water.

Problem: this will lead to extra expenses for the family, apartment building, and municipal services. At a time when income flow is falling sharply.

Solution: Use the Kleenex etc… and throw the used paper in the waste bin. NOT in the toilet!

There are other solutions… but you have to check out North’s Panic: This Will be the Inflection Point When It Goes Exponential and Curse You, Mr. Whipple! to find it. What I offer is fine for the ordinary man with tight funding.

Reality: The Big Picture

Just selling tons of pallets of toilet paper — at a good markup — to worlds and markets willing to pay the price is the typical merchantman’s response. And it works: everyone get the paper (or cars, clothes, medicine, food, robots, art) they can afford, and use it as they can afford.

“Liberty? Yes. Equality? Nope.”

As usual, the high profits of toilet paper (or anything else) will encourage sharp-eyed entrepreneurs with a plan to sell more of it cheaper and faster, eat the profit margins of the big boy, and still come out with a yummy income stream.

(Hey, it beats the line-ups and rationing of collectivist cultures!)

Smart working-class and poor people will come up with their own solutions. Some of those poor-but-observant people will just give away their wealth to their friends or their community: others will figure out how to profit from their intelligence.

“If you’re good at something, never give it away for free.”

(The tiny sci-fi part is snipped off.)

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