Don’t Care About COVID-19? Go Shopping for the Oldsters

If you no see the latest coronavirus, COVID-19, s anything more than a tough flu, then Gary North recommends that you just take a lot of Vitamin C… and go shopping for the oldsters you know. They let you know what you want, you go buy it for them now, you put it at their doorstep, ring the bell, and get ten feet away before they answer the door. Wave good-bye, and send the bill after the epidemic is done.

If you are rather or very confident that the coronavirus can’t touch you, use your strength to help and protect the weak. They are blessed, and you are blessed.

For the record, North takes COVID-19 very seriously, as he should considering his age. I am not the elder he is, but social distancing is on for me.

I think self-isolation is the best approach. It’s the one which societies have used throughout history. It goes back to Leviticus 13 and 14. It’s the old time religion. It’s the only thing that has ever worked predictably.

Self-isolation is motivated by self-interest: not getting infected by somebody else. But this strategy also helps everybody else. The disease doesn’t spread beyond the person who is self-isolated. If he isolates himself, this kills off the disease that inhabits his body. It dies if he dies. Or it dies off of its own accord, and the person can reenter society without putting anybody else at risk.

From: Bureaucracy Is Slow; COVID-19 Is Fast by Gary North

Good advice here. Especially for Bible people.

Even if you are young, fearless, hale and hearty, you should still help out grandma. Get her some food and sundries… and keep your distance, for she isn’t as strong as you are.

Or, at least as strong as you think you are.

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