Centuries of Willful Failure… Comes to an End

Centuries of Willful Failure…

When we think of Christian scholarship, what do we have in mind? A seminary? But seminaries limit their efforts to instruction in the biblical languages, evangelism, church history, or “practical” theology – counselling, church budgets, visitation, etc. Apart from the Wycliffe translation program, there is hardly a single explicitly Christian endeavor that has impressed the secular world with its competence. We are second rate, or third rate, and we know it. Why? I contend that it is directly related to our stubborn unwillingness to consider the whole counsel of God. A book like R. J. Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law (1973) should have been written two centuries ago; a culture should have flowered because of it. Instead, we let the secularists do our work for us. We do not trust our own competence.

From Backward, Christian Soldiers by Gary North

Impotent failures and worthless servants…fit for the reward God has given them.

“Just look around you for that!”

If you don’t like that kind of world, you had better change your ways.

And it can’t stay with you: it will have to expand into the Christian community in general.

…Comes to an End

And most certainly, you can forget about waiting for the seminary geldings to lift a finger to change a single thing. They have NEVER done so before, why will they suddenly do so now?

Their slackness about applying the law and commands of God – for two centuries! – points directly to their slackness about applying the law and commands of God today.

The State needs pastors who preach a theology of defeat. It keeps the laymen quiet, in an era in which Christian laymen are the most significant potential threat to the unwarranted expansion of state power.


The twentieth century has brought with it a deplorable application of these words. Instead of viewing the body of Christ as a symbolic body with Christ as the head, modern Christians have adopted the Roman Catholic practice of regarding the priesthood as the head, heart, and hands, with laymen serving as the back, feet, and legs. In other words, the priests serve as the unquestioned “specialists in religion,” while laymen, including elders, serve as the “secular” hewers of wood and drawers of water. The laymen are specialists in the things of “the world,” while their priests take care of the spiritual realm. We call this outlook “sacerdotalism.”

From Backward, Christian Soldiers by Gary North

We will have to leave the pastors to their milk feeding time to their dependents: 20, 30, 40, 50-year-old spiritual infants the pastorate have no intention of ever strengthening, ever growing into active, free men, to leave the nest of the Church and expand the Kingdom of God beyond the temple precincts.

The worthless certified shepherds will have to be abandoned: new and better leadership will be needed.

For that, there is prayer, expanding and depending obedience to God, and patience.If you live well,other men see it: and there may come a time when they open a door for you to serve.

When you serve others well, you earn legitimacy, authority, leadership.

When the right set of men – or the right set of women, as in Iran or China – are prepared, God will lead the Body of Christ – not just a few believers here or there, not just a study group or a single iconoclast – into righteousness, liberty, prosperity… victory.

But it starts in deciding not to be a craven coward, a slack workers, or some other kind of certified man-pleaser.

God’s victory starts in the hearts of men… and expands from there.

It’s time that God – His law and His justice – ruled both our hearts and our land.

But really: our hearts – and our land – always did belong to Him.

His to bless.

His to curse.

The New Testament’s vision of Christ’s comprehensive kingdom involves the whole world. Jesus announced: “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth” (Matt. 28:18). Modern Christians really cannot seem to accept Christ’s words. They reinterpret them to say: ”All power is given to me in heaven, but I have abdicated as far as the earth is concerned.” The priests, as representatives of Christ’s spiritual power, which is supposedly the only real power that Christ systematically exercises, are understood to be the central figures in the kingdom. Laymen, who supposedly specialize in earthly affairs, are bearers of an inferior authority (not merely subordinate authority, but by nature inferior).

One of the reasons why Christians have adopted the peculiar view of authority outlined above has to do with the concept of victory. From Augustine to Kuyper, or from Luther to Barth, expositors have too often limited the promise of victory to the institutional church, or even more radically, to the human heart alone. Where a man’s heart is, there will be his kingdom. If his hope of victory is limited to his heart, then his concern will be drastically narrowed. He will worry about his heart, his personal standing before God, his own sanctification, and his relationship to the institutional church. He will be far less concerned about exercising disciplined authority in the so-called secular realm. It is difficult psychologically to wage war on a battlefield which by definition belongs to the enemy. An army which lacks confidence is defeated before it takes the field.

From Backward, Christian Soldiers by Gary North

A tiny little kingdom, for a tiny little broken god, with his tiny little worthless, powerless servants.

Satan laughs.

And so does his go-fer friends and allies – in the church and the university, in the corporate headquarters and the courts, in the legislators and the media complexes.

The problem is, the pitiful little idol the Institutional Church has chosen to raise up bears no relation to the Lord that actually exists.

The actual Creator – and OWNER – of Heaven and Earth demands that His reign and His supremacy is extended to all the earth

Every grain of sand, every drop of blood, every penny of every dollar, every ray of sunshine, every bacterium of every disease, the child in every cradle and the corpse of every grave – all of it is HIS property.

It’s long past time that His supposed servants actually acted on behalf of their Master.

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