Crying Out For a Sign

The proper strategy for Christian reconstruction is long-term discipline in every area of responsible action. We dig in early and steadily expand our area of influence. Where a person’s heart is, there he will adopt a philosophy of continuity. The farmer working his soil, the businessman developing a market, an inventor developing a working model: here are examples of continuity. Since Christians are called into God’s service, they must adopt a program of continuity in their primary area of service.

The shortening of men’s time horizons as a result of both premillennialism and amillennialism has contributed to a decline in competence among Christian workers and an increase in reliance upon the miraculous. If men do not believe that they have a lifetime to develop their skills and capital, let alone to pass down both skills and capital to later generations, they must become dependent upon God’s miracles to advance their causes. As men’s time horizons shrink, their quest for “the big payoff” increases, since only through such a discontinuity can they expect to advance themselves significantly in a brief period of time. The man who has time can experience steady but slow increases in his capital – however he measures his assets. The man who does not have time cannot afford the luxury of continuity.

From: Backwards, Christian Soldiers? by Gary North.

I understand North’s disgust for Christians who cry out for a sign, instead of getting to work in building God’s Kingdom right now.

However, it’s worse than that, as we have received at least two huge miracles since the “terminal generation” – more like “the worthless generation”, as Rushdoony once mentioned – began to focus on the rapture.

First, the end of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, without any major disaster, war, or death;

Second, the rise of computers, the internet, decentralization, and the fall of the information gatekepers.

Instead of thanking God for these great victories — victories that definitely did NOT come from the hand of the church! — and getting to work on leveraging these victories to further expand Christ’s reign, we only get more whining, more powerless fear, more retreats and enclaves, more escapism.

This isn’t about just bad theology, a crying out for miracles.

This is about cowardice, and faithlessness, and the rebellious hatred of putting our talents to work in converting the nations today, in establishing the Lord’s justice today in every land.

It’s about despising what is right, and loving what is evil.

It’s about hating the commandments of God.

It’s about telling God to just shut up.


Can you tell the difference between the will of Satan and the will of these sweet, kindly Christian believers who wouldn’t hurt fly?

Because I can’t.

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