Demonic Evangelism

The sprinters of the theological world have left very little as an inheritance. Those who have planned to “evangelize Africa in a generation,” or “win the youth of the nation by 1976,” or whatever, have pursued a demonic goal – demonic because it sidetracks the construction of long-term Christian projects in favor of short-term, unrealizable, and very expensive campaigns that are, of necessity, concerned only with the surface of Christian faith and Christian culture. Better to plan for a long-term program to subdue the whole earth, generation by generation, than to squander our capital in a short-term sprint to save a remnant and then leave the world to the devil. Aim high, aim carefully, and shoot long. Time is on our side because God controls time and has given to His people all the time they need to carry out the terms of the dominion covenant. It will take time for our capital to become totally productive, like the orchard. Maybe that is one reason why God forbids us to eat the produce of the orchard until its fifth year (Lev. 19:23-25): a reminder that we have plenty of time left to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Therefore, get to work planting, today.

From: Backwards, Christian Soldiers? by Gary North.

Moses and Joshua, Jesus and Paul, all thought in terms of generations of steady conquest: with some setbacks — especially in Jesus’ generation, now long gone with the destruction of the Temple and that antichrist, Nero — and many victories, right unto today, from the end of the Soviets to the expansion of the Body of Christ in Africa, the Middle East, India, and China.

It will take time: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Steady work, with both thick books and fast memes, get the job done.

Not just in the far future, but also today, before our eyes, right now.

“Get to work planting, today.”

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