Fully Accredited Seminaries

The Hebrews of Joshua’s generation wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until their parents died. They had to prepare themselves mentally and organizationally for the battle to come. They certainly did not bother to court the favor of the king of Jericho, nor did they worry too much that the Levites had not graduated from fully accredited Baal Theological Seminary. If we only recognized our wilderness condition for what it is, we might not continue to make the mistakes in strategy that the Hebrews of Joshua’s day didn’t make.

From: Backwards, Christian Soldiers? by Gary North.

When God’s people know who they are, and live the life God has appointed for them, under His rule and filled with His spirit, the world will shake, and their enemies will flee.

Most including those enemies wearing rich clerical robes, fully accredited from Baal Theological Seminary.

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