Not Jewish Law. God’s Law.

We must understand capital punishment as a restitution payment to God. The death penalty is not a means of revenge alone or deterrence alone. The death penalty is God’s required restitution payment which is imposed on Adam and his heirs, and was imposed also on the second Adam, Jesus Christ. For any civil crime too great to be compensated for by a monetary restitution payment to the human victim, God requires the civil magistrate to impose the death penalty, God’s restitution payment. Homicide, for example, could not be paid for in Israel by anything less than the life of the murderer – life for life (Num. 35:31), a law which is without parallel in the laws of the ancient Near East.[1] It was only later rabbinic Judaism that abandoned the principle that all murderers are subject to the death penalty, in order to reduce the penalty for Jews who kill resident aliens or gentiles.[2]

[1] Shalom Paul, Studies in the Book of the Covenant in the Light of Cuneiform and Biblical Law (Leiden: E.]. Brill, 1970), p. 61.

[2] Maimonides wrote: “If an Israelite kills a resident alien, he does not suffer capital punishment at the hands of the court, because Scripture says, And if a man come presumptuously upon his neighbor (Exod. 21:12). Needless to say, one is not put to death if he kills a heathen.” Moses Maimonides, The Book of Torts, vol. 11, The Code of Maimonides, 14 vols. (New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, [1180] 1954), Chapter Two, Section Eleven, p. 201.

Gary North, in Victim’s Rights

Jesus spent a lot of time, denouncing the Pharisees because they elevated the traditions of men above the explicit commandments of God.

Right now, most Christians detest the Laws of God even more than the Jews do. So we are punished for it, and will continue to be punished for it until we repent of our iniquity.

I suspect that most will not repent… and will die in their sins, culturally powerless. For the power of the believer is in his infilling with the Holy Spirit, which proclaims the authority and demands of God’s Law-Word.

And many, many Christians – leaders and laymen – believe that we should carefully ignore God’s explicit commandments whenever possible. “Silence Him!” “I don’t want to hear Him!”

I am uninterested in the church-going God-haters.

I am interested in those men who are confident that we should carefully uphold God’s explicit commandments whenever possible.

It is those men – and those women – who will bring forth justice until it covers the whole world.

Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits.

Matthew 21:43, English Standard Version

Justice in every nation.

Every Nation, a disciple of Christ, upholding Christ’s Law-Word.

Justice and liberty for all… regardless of the purity of their genetics. Or their religion. Or their tribe. Or their national citizenship, or lack thereof.

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