1) The ACLU: Defender of our Liberties 2) Bankruptcy

From Uncommon Descent:

—<Quote begins>—

Guess the sources of these statements:

Worst case scenario planning encourages counterproductive overreactions in which law-enforcement techniques and drastic anti-civil liberties measures are used as the first resort, rather than the last resort.

“the law enforcement/national security approach” to fighting a pandemic “converts the exception into the rule by treating everyone in the general population as a potential threat who warrants coercive treatment.”

 we must ‘trade liberty for security’ is both false and dangerous

A conservative media personality? Right wing blogger? Radical libertarian? No, no, and no. They are from the ACLU’s 2008 report “Pandemic Preparedness: The Need for a Public Health—Not a Law Enforcement/National Security—Approach.”

Because the ACLU saw this coming, they were prepared. Which is why it is unsurprising that they have implemented an extremely muscular response, bringing case after case challenging some of the more extreme government overreactions to the pandemic.

Wait, the ACLU has taken a pass on challenging even the most reckless abuses of government power? Oh. Never mind.

—<Quote Ends>—

What’s most interesting is that the ACLU refuses to challenge the most reckless abuses of REPUBLICAN government power.

“In the end, there is only One Party, One Unified Order.”

Bankruptcy, YAY!

Fortunately, the bankruptcy of the New Order is now on the express train: without money, the system dies.

And – more interesting from the localist perspective – as the money contracts, the ability (or even the desire) of the State to bribe and police the rural and low-rent, low-profit areas of the country begins to shrink: first slowly, then swiftly.

By the end of the sequence? Expect the State to spend 80% of its revenue on protecting the banks and a few of the biggest businesses, and on controlling the core areas of the big cities.

(Not the entire city… just the business district, the high rent merchant areas, and the elite residences.)

Everyone else will be on their own.


As the squeeze gets tighter, the big businesses will pop. The major oil companies were part of the New Order for a solid century: but with the crash of oil prices (and the amount of bribes they can slip into wallets), they have been cut off. “No money? No honey.” says the politicians.

That is the biggest surprise to me: I thought they would always be able to call up a war whenever they wanted, for at least another century.

Nope. They’re finished as a mover and shaker in the corridors of power.

Same deal with auto manufacturers, who used to be part of the Power Structure.

All gone with the Railroad Tycoons.

Conventional Expectations

I can’t guess the next surprising POP.

I can only make the conventional expectations.

I think the next really big hit will be on education: universities and schools. The priesthoods that keep the people’s thought in their lane will just have to go. “You can get the soft population controls you need for much more bang for the buck with the media.” And the cognitive elite don’t get that way by public schooling.

Remember: the States, cities, and counties can’t print money. So, they are much more tied to the real world than the Federal government is. “Cutbacks must be made.”

Health care (Medicaid branch) is a massive cow that can’t be fed with the limited money flows of the future. So, expect starvation diets… and eventually, a visit with a cattle prod at the slaughterhouse.

Eventually, the food stamps/SNAP cards will go, thus ending a huge subsidy to the agricorp interests. No more Obamaphones Bushphones, either.

Most of the military will be cut off around the same time. Americans are pretty well housebroken now, so no need for huge interior troop deployments even when people start going hungry. “A few examples will suffice to educate the masses.” The Outer Empire will be lost, but that’s not a big deal: it was always just a plaything of Washington egos, and not a vital security matter. “There will be cutbacks… and the banks don’t like hyperinflation. So when the guns get unaffordable, they will be trimmed down.”

The second-to-last to go will be grandma’s welfare, social security, and her health care (Medicare). First, there will be a cap on new entries: income tests will be put in place; euthanasia restrictions will be loosened. Then age requirements will go up.

The banks will be the very last to go. It’s quite possible that they will outlast the government itself, in fact if not in name:

“As long as the FED, the Mint, the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department is intact, we Couldn’t Care Less about the rest.”

“Well, the public is far more manageable if there is a figurehead at the top, and some kind of mystical ceremony that ‘gives him the Mandate of Heaven.'”

“Ok, Ok. We’ll spring for elections, and keep the White House in repair. Even the Supreme Court, to keep the senior lawyer firms happy and if we ever need to wave that parchment of paper about again to please the masses. But Congress is on it’s own.”

I think that the Cartel will make sure that some elements of the City of New York will survive as well.. even after they have largely relocated to the Hampton’s on a permanent basis. “For old times sake.”

The rest can burn, so far as they are concerned.

After the End

After the Right Sort has sucked the fruit dry and tossed out the cores, the people in your town, county, and district will be willing to hear you out on a different way to live.

Teach them, by word and example.

Christ said, “Feed my sheep.”

Teach them, feed them the milk the need… and the meat they need to grow.

They are not to remain helpless, stupid sheep forever, fir only for sheering and slaughter.

For the wolves and the snakes will return, when the cattle start getting healthy again.

But men, armed with the law – in their mind, and their hearts, directing their hands – will be able to handle the wolves, snakes, and other reptiles and silver-tongued/steel-fanged predators when – NOT if – they return.

And they’ll be able to spot the predator’s go-fers, too.

“Waves to the ACLU.”

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