The End of Führerprinzip

One of the top priorities of any (reborn or brand new) Christian society is the end of Führerprinzip: a.k.a. “It’s OK if the Leader does it.”

Most famously proclaimed in Nazi Germany, it didn’t start there — as any monarch, God-emperor, Lenninist or Stalinist would explain — and it certainly didn’t end there.

The example that currently pissed me off is in New York, but I’m confident that you can find the same God dammed (literally!) thing among Republicans: certainly including Trump (See “The Way of Cain”, here), but most famously with Richard Nixon…

It is Christians who are expected to insist that not even the President is above Divine Law: but that’s obviously not going to happen anytime soon. After all, if you are going to let your guy (Trump) off, then their guy (Cuomo) is going to get off too.

Corruption, depravity and dehumanization for EVERYONE!

It will be a good day when American Christians finally humble themselves before the Law, and are willing to pay real prices, and make real sacrifices, to insure that Divine Justice is upheld.

I don’t expect to see this kind of humility and respect for the Law in this generation of believers. And if we do not submit to Christ’s Law-word, why should anyone else?

But I have better hopes for the coming generation, the young people who will live through the (now started) financial and demographic devastation of the 2020s-2030s. “Those who survived” will not have the self-serving illusions that today’s Christians live under.

They will certainly be a hardened bunch: if they are also a humble bunch, repentant before God and ready to uphold HIS will (rather than merely justify their own will, with pious babble as a cloak), then they will accomplish what I could only dream of.

And there will be no place for today’s kind of “leaders” in that generation.

Judgment starts at the church.
But with actual repentance, restoration starts at the church, too.

We will see if the younger believers learn the lessons, and gain the rewards, that their elders failed to grasp.

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