A Worthwhile Harvard Professor

Carle C. Zimmerman, Family and Civilization (New York: Harper & Row, 1947). Although Zimmerman was a Harvard University professor and one of the leading experts on the family, he was ignored, and still remains ignored, because he was a creationist. His works are mammoth and monumental, but very few take note of him simply because he was a devout Catholic who believed strongly in creation and rejected, particularly at the time he lived, the standard Marxist and evolutionary interpretations of history.

From a footnote, page 139, of Ray R Sutton’s That You May Prosper

The Establishment would prefer that you not exist remain ignorant of the leading Christians in top-tier research.

But I think you should dig into the hidden rewards, waiting for you.

But its hard to discover whats waiting for you out there, without some kind of hint or tip-off.

Ergo, this post.

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