Corporate CORVID-19

Please indulge my well-earned cynicism. Let’s recap what’s been going on.

Dr. Raolt says that HCL is showing remarkable results with his CoVid patients. Dr. Raolt expands this study beyond his own clinic and patients. Dr. Fauci says that this is “anecdotal.”

A doctor in New York says that HCL, when given early on, is showing remarkable results: 80 to 90% of his patients are surviving (or, was it even higher?). Dr. Fauci says that this is “anecdotal.”

Then a study comes out that says that Remdisivir, produced by Gilead, has done a full clinical trial and that their drug lessens the time of illness from 14 days to 11 days but it only mildly improves the death rate. Dr. Fauci says: “This is significant.”

So a common drug that keeps people from dying is no more than some “anecdotal” musing. But a drug that shows mimimal improvement on death rates and recoveries is “significant.” Why such a reaction?

Well, the ‘common drug’ is dirt cheap and no big pharmeceutical company is going to make money on it. And pharmeceutical companies give money to the NIH and the CDC. I’ll let you come to a conclusion.

Dr. Fauci and Big Farma by PaV

Corporate Corruption loves Government-fueled panics.

Not only are the common trash kept terrified and obedient: they’re willing to throw crazy amounts of money to get the Scary Bad Thing to Go Away.

Fascism — “the Government-Corporate partnership” — wins again!

We can now cross our arms, and confidently await the massive New York Times press expose — or even off-mainstream, as per The Nation or Alternet or Counterpunch — that will reveal this self-serving Establishment ripoff for what it is.

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