Social Justice Injustice

Commentary has an interesting article, on just how flexible “legal standards” are when if the target’s politics are useful to the Left.

To the extent that the press has covered the case [of the sexual allegations against Biden], it has done so skeptically. Reports have erred on the side of justice; that is to say, deferring to a high evidentiary standard commensurate with the gravity of the charge against Joe Biden. The press has not, however, covered itself in glory. The partisan burden on mainstream news outlets to avoid retroactively invalidating their effort to tar Kavanaugh with gross criminality has led the press on a predictable “pounce” hunt. That mission gave birth to one of the most impressively convoluted headlines in the modern era. Via the Washington Post: “Developments in allegations against Biden amplify efforts to question his behavior.”

It takes a real contortionist to craft a headline so passive it only becomes more confusing with every read. The underlying sentiment is, however, as clear as day: The story is not the story; the reaction to the story—specifically, the Republican reaction—is the story. Quite unlike most “pounce” narratives, this deliberate attempt at obfuscation is excusable if only because the Republican reaction here is a story. It’s a tale of consistency.

For the most part, the right has not treated these allegations as an opportunity to speculate wildly and convict the former vice president on the substance of an accusation alone. That’s the same standard that they applied to Kavanaugh in 2018, and their approach has been vindicated by their critics. “Reflexive acceptance of any and all allegations of sexual misconduct against any man is not staunch feminism,” the Post’s Ruth Marcus wrote recently, “it is dangerous credulity that risks doing terrible injustice to the accused. #BelieveAllWomen was a dumb hashtag and a dumber approach.” That’s exactly right. Surely, it’s a matter of time before the American right is feted by the press for their foresight and prudence. A deluge of mea culpas is just around the corner

Joe Biden and the Social-Justice Charade by Noah Rothman

The enemies of God don’t believe in justice, or the Rule of Law.

They just believe in saying whatever gets them what they want.

Nothing more than that.

Note the profound silence of the #BelieveAllWomen people here.

Another nostrum of social justice’s adherents that has suffered a near-fatal blow is the idea that the benefits enjoyed by certain demographics—white heterosexual men, in particular—must be overturned. A cavalcade of Democratic stars paraded across the stage in 2018 to explain why Kavanaugh’s passionate defense of himself against a criminal allegation was nothing more than the death rattle of white, male privilege.

Joe Biden and the Social-Justice Charade by Noah Rothman

Before the Party, only confession, repentance, and obedience is tolerated.

Finally, mirabile dictu, the social-justice dogma that recommended a reboot of the very concept of justice has likely been irreparably hobbled. For this ideology’s advocates, the very concept of justice was indelibly tainted. When it came to sexual-assault claims, due process standards in a courtroom placed an undue burden on the accuser. The evidentiary threshold required to convict was too onerous. The constitutional demand that an alleged victim be made to confront her accuser too traumatic. The British common-law standards that Americans inherited at the Founding were the product of profound bigotry, according to no less a figure than Joe Biden.

“This is English Jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture,” he insisted last year. “It’s got to change.” This wasn’t just an errant thought. The redefinition of what constitutes justice was put into practice by the Obama administration, which provided colleges with a set of guidelines that allowed them to adjudicate sexual-assault claims on campus. The results of this experiment, one that Biden himself presided over, were countless travesties of justice, many of which were reversed in real courtrooms. Neither Biden nor his allies would like to be held by the standards he applied to so many others because they are not standards at all.

Joe Biden and the Social-Justice Charade by Noah Rothman

Our Betters hate God: so, naturally, they hate Justice as well.

Surprise, surprise.

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