When the Empire Dies…

Lightfoot had promised strict enforcement of the [park] closures. She warned that violations of her social-distancing policies would start with a warning, a $500 fine, and then the offenders would be “subject to physical arrest.”

On Sunday, Chicagoans didn’t care. I saw police cars flashing their lights and driving through the park’s paths, but they didn’t stop anyone. Alex, from outside the fence, observed, “There’s a parked [police] car over there that’s not doing anything. We walked by like six police guys in paramilitary gear doing f-cking nothing. And like what? We’re supposed to independently decide what rules we’re supposed to follow?”

But that’s exactly what Chicago denizens did. By 4:00 p.m., the fence was torn down along every pathway into the park. Heavy wooden fences blocking tunnel entrances had been moved to the side, and similar fences along the South Pond walkways had been trampled underfoot.

This wasn’t a right-wing protest chanting outside the mayor’s office. Most Chicago citizens just thought the Lincoln Park restrictions were bad policy.

Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks by James Huenink

This is what it looks like when an empire is dying… but not quite dead. Not yet.

I interviewed several people on the wrong side of the fence, many of whom spoke anonymously or gave only their first names for fear of “getting into trouble.”

Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks by James Huenink

When people couldn’t care less if their names or faces are known to The Authorities, then the empire is dead.

You know, just like in the dying days of the Soviet Union.

Christians would be wise to push for the side of liberty, whenever possible.

Not only is it a good way to prepare for the post-Imperial future, not only would it position the Body of Christ for growth and renewal and a rising level of public respect (for once!)

More importantly than all of those good things, it pleases God to see His people push down powerhungry idols.

Liberty comes at a price… and right now, prices are at a discount!

James Huenink is a Lutheran pastor in suburban Chicago. An avid homebrewer and endurance runner, he is fascinated by the influence of culture on the working poor.

Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks by James Huenink

More of this, and I will be forced to revive my opinion of pastors to the upside.

Yes, even those Lutherans.

(I can’t believe I said that!)

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