Modern Blasphemy

Quotes from Britain’s Blasphemy Culture:

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Meanwhile, the Scottish parliament has not been too distracted from dealing with a global pandemic. It is updating the country’s anti-blasphemy law to decriminalize speaking ill of the deity, but to criminalize saying things that might hurt the feelings of sacred Vulnerable Communities™. Madeleine Kearns reports:

Just as the 1837 blasphemy law prohibited “composing, printing or publishing any blasphemous or seditious libel,” the new bill outlaws “displaying, publishing or distributing” anything that “stirs up hatred,” as well possessing “inflammatory material” or performing a hateful play. The prosecution would not even need to prove “intent” on the part of the accused; it would only need to prove that from their actions, hatred would be “likely to be stirred up.” As for what constitutes “stirring up hatred,” unlike Bracadale, the law is short on specifics, leaving that judgment entirely to the subjective perception of a member of a victim group or some other third party. If a minority finds something to be “abusive, threatening, or insulting,” then it is, under the law. Two minor carve-outs are made for “freedom of expression,” which means it is permissible (within certain parameters) to criticize sexual behaviors, and “freedom of religion,” which means it is permissible to criticize religion. The fact that it was necessary to explicitly state that is okay to criticize religion in a law purporting to repeal the state’s prohibition of blasphemy is almost comical. Strikingly, there is no carve-out for criticizing transgenderism, which is currently the subject of fierce debate in Scotland.

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In ALL cultures, the Source of the Law — the core idea driving the society — may NOT be challenged.

The fact that gullible Christians believed otherwise, persuaded by quietly contemptuous Secularists, is only a reason to laugh at them, so far as the rest of the world is concerned.

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