The Priests Kneel

A scientific journal has retracted a paper it had published about neurology and gender dysphoria. Why? A bunch of transgendered people and their allies complained that it was hurtful. From their petition:

Beyond the numerous scientific and theoretical short-comings of this manuscript, the clear intent of the paper was to do harm to the transgender community, one of the most vulnerable communities across the globe. This was not only evident in the section on clinical implications that was removed, but in the basic assumption that transgender people are a deleterious deviation with a disordered network of brain regions which pervades the entire manuscript. This is not merely an example of difference in scientific opinion, but a direct attack on a vulnerable community.

And poof, just like that, a scientific paper disappears. Forbidden knowledge. I’ll tell you who’s a member of a vulnerable community: scientists who get in the way of cowardly journal editors stampeding to do the bidding of left-wing activists.

Britain’s Blasphemy Culture by Rod Dreher

The ruling White Smocks of Science know who their true Lord and Master is: whoever controls the money and the guns.

And their pets.

I have a suspicion: somewhere around the next 40 years or so, it will be obvious that (a good-sized minority of) Christians are at once more educated, more gutsy, and have more integrity than the Ruling Class.

Perhaps even more wealthy too, depending on the surprising twists and turns of the ongoing economic collapse works out, and how seriously Christians are about working hard, serving the customer, good bargaining skills, and saving & investing for the future. And how much they disdain the “helping hand” of the State and Our Betters.

Investing in the future most certainly includes children, as any malicious, controlling, and deceitful Harvard type could tell you.

“Crushing the skull of your child as it is being born? YES!
Teaching your children about God? NO!

God, I will be thankful when we are out from under the heel of these man-skinned demons.)

Should Christians demonstrate the capacity, strength, integrity and humility to lead, there’s going to be a new Ruling Class before 2100.

That’s when the serious trials and disciplining begin.

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