“All we ask for is…”

[Government] “falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton…. living political constitutions must be Darwinian in structure and in practice. Society is a living organism and must obey the laws of Life…. all that progressives ask or desire is permission—in an era when ‘development,’ ‘evolution,’ is the scientific word—to interpret the Constitution according to Darwinian principle.”

Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1912
Quoted in the masted of:Creation Evolution Headlines, May 4, 2020

Asking for Permission

I hear that the Progressives stopped asking for permission to do what they please with the Constitution, long, long ago.

The evil Wilson — pick your poison, racist, statist, liar, warmonger, or the intellectual that completed the effective de-Christianization of Princeton — speaks on one point: the Constitution was designed as much on Newtonian principles as on Biblical ones, or even more. Mathematical principles (as per Newton’s deism) were used to quietly shove aside Biblical principles of truth, justice and keeping your oath & word (what North calls covenant-keeping).

Later, these ‘eternal — and so conveniently ethics-free! — mathematical principles’ were replaced by Darwinian straight-up pragmatism: say whatever gets more money and power for you and yours.

In Wilson’s time, “me and mine” were still defined along fairly Darwinian-genetic lines: MY race, My nation. Now, the Tribe is basically cultural: MY politics, MY society.

The church is the basis of the state, as always. The fact that it is an intensely anti-Christian church, and it’s tenets are based only on what pleases The Right Sort Right Now, is not the point here: first comes the spirit, then comes the logic, the justifications, the Recognized Science.

Unexpected Blessings, Unexpected Curses

“Wilson appointed the first Jew and the first Roman Catholic to the faculty, and helped liberate the board from domination by conservative Presbyterians.[68] He also worked to keep African Americans out of the school, even as other Ivy League schools were accepting small numbers of blacks.[69][a]

Wikipedia, Woodrow Wilson

What Our Progressive Betters call “liberation”, is better referred to as stealing.

But if the conservative Presbyterians weren’t so very eager to gain approval within the Right Circles — and so very comfortable in throwing Black Americans to the wolves — they would have never tolerated Wilson as their university president.

Obedience to God has unexpected benefits.

Disobedience to God brings unexpected curses.

“All we ask for is…”

Finally, it should be noted that Wilson merely followed in the footsteps of the anti-Christs who only asked for the right to reinterpret the Bible.

All we want is to decide what God said, and what God didn’t say.”

All we want is unfettered authority to redefine the Law, just as we please.”

All we want is total power and control over you and yours.”

Thieves, murderers, liars, and oppressors.

“… and the Answer is No.”

We need a better ruling class.

Preferably, one with a far more limited level of power and far more diffuse and decentralized power and authority.

The atheists and secularists will NEVER do this.

Never have. never will.

Nor will the Muslims or the Buddhists or the Hindu or the Confucian, for that matter.

Time to get serious about winning, Christian. Time to focus, once again, on expanding the Kingdom of Christ on this world. His Law, His liberty, His authority, without exception.

Without getting distracted by racial pride, Greek whispers of Elite Control and National Glory, the hatred of personal responsibility and duty, and the hunger for magic: comfortable living without paying the price for it.

No more worship of the State as The Master and Owner of All.

Time to worship and fear God, first and most.

And to have our laws focus on this, and not on the Will of the Self-Serving Elite: Progressive, Conservative, Priest, Scientist, Soldier, Banker, Revolutionary, Reactionary.

None of them are worthy substitutes to Jesus Christ as our Lord.

Fear Christ, not power-seeking men.

Obey Christ, not power-seeking men.

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