“Faith-based colleges face waves of red ink”

This story [of Concordia Portland closing]- was linked to the OTHER life-and-death crisis facing higher education — especially private schools and, to be even more specific, faith-based private schools. I’m talking about the demographic cliff that looms just down the road when the massive millennial generation has moved past its college years.


… I took on some of these themes in an “On Religion” column the other day entitled “Concerning the coronavirus crisis and these Darwinian days in faith-based higher education.” There’s a “Crossroads” podcast on the topic, as well (click here to tune that in).


OK, Rabey’s online piece — “Christian Colleges Face Uncertain Future and Existential Threats” — is packed with lots of links to sources and articles that I didn’t have room for in my column format. Journalists (or college trustees, for that matter) who plan to research these topics will want to file away this “think piece.”


Rabey has the room to dig into some specifics — including the names of some tuition-dependent Christian schools with D ratings (on financial stability issues) in a prophetic Forbes piece entitled, “Dawn Of The Dead: For Hundreds Of The Nation’s Private Colleges, It’s Merge Or Perish.”

You’re going to need to read it all of this one and then file it away.

Faith-based colleges face waves of red ink: Thinking about a news story that won’t go away by Terry Mattingly

The destruction of these fourth-rate educational institutions will definitely help clear out the supply stream of our current crop of failure-leadership.

(Hopefully, the destruction of the business school is next. The authors of The Puritan Gift and The Enterprising Americans would not be surprised… but perhaps disappointed that it took so long to ditch a worthless “business elite”.)

Successful leadership is going to go back to where it belongs: hands-on apprenticeship, training, and experience under the leadership of experiences pastors, business leaders, and community helpers.

“First you serve, then you serve some more, then – after you have proven yourself – you lead.”

And taken away from these lazy, risk-fearing academic types, good for taking test, obeying orders, toadying up to the powerful… and little else.

“Pass the paper exams, based on textbooks and just enough math to intimidate the yokels. Say what gets you the position you want. Get the best salary possible with the highest prestige and the least work.”

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