He Does It Only for the Money

To do things for money is nothing more than to advance what we care about. In the voluntary exchanges of free markets, we do for others as an indirect way of doing for ourselves, relying on the protection of private property rights to rule out coercive or involuntary invasions of our rights as individuals. And that does not justify moral condemnation, unless using money to support your family, to live up to the agreements you have made with others, and to try not to burden others justifies moral condemnation.

Twisting the meanings of only and for, like money, is not an end in itself. In politics, as Orwell noted, it is a means to transform the universal fact of market arrangements—that we all do for others to indirectly do for ourselves (which is what makes them among humanity’s greatest achievements)—into unjustified criticism of those whose resources are targeted by government actors and their favorites, precisely because only they have the coercive power to violate others’ rights and property.

For all the efforts focused in that direction, the political rhetoric focused on demeaning those who produce for others, which is so often used to set them up as patsies to take from, looks in the wrong direction. It makes more sense to ignore the gains of those targeted as patsies because of market success and ask instead whether those they deal with are better or worse off as a result of their efforts. Once you ask that honestly, envy and jealousy toward those who have produced greatly for others can no longer justify the politics of theft.

Be Thankful for Those Who “Only Do It for the Money” by Gary Galles

It will be a good day, when Socialists decide to build their Glorious Paradise with their own money and their own sweat, instead of stealing it from others.

That’s one good day that will never come.

Well… never is a harsh word. If it comes, it’s going to be a very short day, as Socialism quickly runs into Reality.

Stolen bread is much more sweet.

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