The Mighty High Priest of the West who Ignores His Own Commandments

I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you!

The conspiratorial left, convinced the world is run by secret cabals of bankers and cigar-chomping media moguls, thinks the Neil Ferguson story is a ‘dead cat’. In other words, they think the Daily Telegraph – Evil Tory Rag – revealed that Ferguson carried on bonking his mistress in defiance of a lockdown that he himself bears much responsibility for in order to distract attention from Britain overtaking Italy with the highest Covid death toll in Europe. A ‘dead cat’ strategy is when a sensationalist story is introduced to the mix to divert attention from a far more serious political crisis. Ferguson’s sexual antics are the Tory regime’s dead cat to Britain’s corona death toll, apparently.

This sums up the political infantilism of the left. It is actually incredibly important news that Ferguson, the Imperial College modeller who said it was possible 500,000 Brits would die if we didn’t lock down, defied the lockdown. It deserves the frontpage treatment it is getting today. For Ferguson’s booty call with his married lover actually reveals a great deal about the 21st-century elites and how they view their relationship with the masses. It’s one rule for them and another for us. They can carry on enjoying sneaky freedoms because their lives and jobs are important; we can’t because we are mere little people, whose silly work lives can casually be disrupted, whose love lives can be turned upside down, and whose families can be ripped apart. The Ferguson affair provides an illuminating insight into the new elitism.

What Neil Ferguson’s booty call tells us about modern politics by Brendan O’Neill

The Masters never cared about “the public health”.

They just want to show they have power over you and me, to get more power, more money, and more hot women.

Nothing more.

Ferguson can screw who he wants. He can even defy the lockdown if he wants, though he should probably hold back from hypocritically supporting the lockdown when giving interviews. What he really needs to be challenged on is the culture of worst-case thinking that he and others have helped to create, and which seems increasingly to grate against the freedom and economic health of our societies.

What Neil Ferguson’s booty call tells us about modern politics by Brendan O’Neill

To the contrary! The moral corruption that permits him to “screw who he wants” naturally serves to permitting him to “lie when he wants” and “take what he wants”.

In all cases, the evasion of consequences, the denial of the force of the Law, is the core of the issue.

That’s why the West went secularist in the first place!

And in this particular situation, the evasion of consequences starts with his affairs.

As for the infidelity – assuming he is married – that is a matter of Victim’s Rights. His wife should decide what the punishment will be, in a Biblical society.

And in a Biblical culture, the range of punishments includes death by stoning.

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