Hiding the Light, Burying the Talent

Maybe the problem is that all churches and synagogues do is “worship,” inside the doors of their sanctuaries, while schools, charities and hospitals (often called “ministries”) do “real” things, like education, medicine and social activism. Thus, even if religious doctrines are at the foundation of their work, these groups are not as “religious” as houses of worship?

The bottom line: The government (along with the press) gets to decide when doctrines are protected and when they are not worthy of protection. After all, it’s crucial that doctrines stay safely hidden inside sanctuary doors, as much as possible.

New podcast: Do journalists doubt that the Little Sisters of the Poor are doing ministry work? by Terry Mattingly

Plenty of Christians, in the pew and on the pulpit, agree with their enemies on the need to keep their Christian faith as passive, mystical, and detached from the real world as much as possible.

You might say that, at least functionally, they are on the same team.

Note: It isn’t the team that Jesus Christ is leading.

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