Strange Lies

Yep: extra censorship was applied to the fourth pic.

What is notable here are the lies involved:

  • the image shown to mom is a truly grim lie. Mom would much rather you told here your financial problems before you turn to stripping. And if they knew, many moms would give a hand to lift you out of stripping. But mom can’t help you if she doesn’t know what’s going on!
  • “What I think I do” is just a sad wish. But, its interesting that this is what some strippers pretend they have: beauty, grace and public respect. Not a sordid self-degradation in return for good cash.
  • “What society (and my friends) thinks I do” is accurate. We cannot judge you on what is inside you: you can only be judged by your actions, and your words. Your actions define you.
  • “What I really do” is also true… and irrelevant. Tears are not enough: turning away from your sin (and from digging your own grave) is required.

Strippers are women who placed a higher value on ready money than on their own integrity and value. The strippers sell themselves short: but when done in a private venue, they violate no Biblical law (for the public magistrate to enforce) as far as I know. And, just as a hungry man can steal a loaf of bread and still be a criminal in the eyes of the law, a stripper who works to feed her kids is still degrading God’s image in herself, even if it put food on the table.

And yet, I am not without sympathy for hungry thieves and low-skill strippers who need to pay rent. I am confident that a Christian culture that took the poor seriously would develop roads for the poor to get up to the working class… and be part of a neighbourhood working class community.

“Poor: but free, loved, valued and respected as images of God, within a network of friends and community, and growing less poor year by year (with a big jump up for your kids)” is not a bad goal, for God’s people to aim for.

In a Christen society, there should be no need for a man willing to work to steal bread. And no need for a woman willing to work to whore herself out. Not because of “The Caring State” or some other power-idol/political saviour, but by the natural outworking of a just and free society that respects the laws of God.

Every one of them.

No censorship permitted here.

There are worse ways to ‘live’, than whoring yourself or stealing food. Ways that are far more cruel and demonic, that degrade and destroy the weakest unjustly, than merely whoring out your own body (which was made in the image of God!) because of your own foolishness and shortsightedness.

Whoredom – virtual or physical – leads to hell. But there are several ways out of that trap, and it isn’t too difficult to help a repentant stripper out from the grip of the dead.

(At least if Christians show empathy to the repentant, with time and material assistance as well as prayer and spiritual support. None of us are so ‘morally superior’ as to dismiss her humanity. As God forgives us when we repent, so we must forgive her when she repents.)

Innocent blood is far harder to wash off. It’s very difficult for the murderous mother, and almost functionally impossible for the murderous — but very well compensated — “physician” who got hand’s on with the killing.

Murderers insist they have nothing to repent of.

And so, the gates of hell clang together, and are sealed shut.

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