Shutting Down PornHub

I have spent over a decade combatting sex trafficking and the last eight years investigating the intersection between the pornography industry and sex trafficking. Anyone who researches this issue will end up on Pornhub (on any of the other Mindgeek owned porn-tube sites) because it is the primary way the world is accessing porn today.

What I found out in doing so is that Pornhub is set up for exploitation. Pornhub is a trafficker and pedophile’s paradise and it needs to be shut down.

The woman waging war on Big Porn by Michael Cook and Laila Mickelwait

I tend to focus on the Law and on Science on this website. Fighting pornography always felt like an exercise in futility, a waste of time… and where in the Law of God is the magistrate allowed to punish people for having pornography? “Verse and text, please.”

It’s a different matter if people — women and children mainly — are being trafficked, raped, and abused for pornographic entertainment. This is the kind of thing where the Law has a clear and unquestioned interest.

There is a difference between a sin and a crime, and PornHub has crossed that line.

To get involved and put PornHub out of business, visiting Laila Mickelwait’s site makes for a great start:

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