Christian Failure and The Black Intellectual, Redux

The Wages of Christian Failure, A Demonstration

Specifically, the failure of White Christian Conservatives.

From this article:

How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left
Gary North

They saw an opportunity, and they took it…

We can read the following:

In the summer of 1960, I read King’s book, Stride Toward Freedom (1958). It was about the 1955-56 bus boycott in Montgomery. The book persuaded me that it had been a legitimate protest. Here was a privately-owned bus line that had a monopoly granted to it by the city. It forced blacks (Negroes, in 1960) to sit in the back. Yet they paid full fare.

Worse; they paid, had to get off the bus, walk to the rear exit door, and get on. This was deliberate humiliation. It was an outrage. But hardly any white person was outraged in 1955.

Gary North, How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left

How mysterious, the silence of the White Southern Church was when it matters most.

But I can hear it now:

  • “Can’t cause a fuss!”
  • “The parishioners might take their tithe money!”
  • “Why buy trouble when we can take it easy?”
  • “The best scientists [up to the 1970s] say it’s OK: they aren’t fully human, anyways.”
  • “The Progressives understand the proper place for the Black man, as the eugenics people like Margaret Sager would joyfully point out.”

What the book did not reveal was that profit-seeking streetcar lines in the South did not originally have this seating policy. This began around 1900. It was forced on them by the government. Typical was North Carolina.

In 1899 the N.C. General Assembly passed legislation requiring railroads and steamboat companies to “provide separate but equal accommodations for the white and colored races at passenger waiting stations or waiting-rooms, and also on all trains and steamboats carrying passengers,” with exemption for servants or express trains. Streetcar companies followed the railroad precedent. In 1907 the General Assembly passed similar legislation for street and interurban railways, but this time specifically mandated that “white passengers” sit toward the front of each car and “colored passengers” sit toward the rear. This legislation was expanded in 1939 to provide details of maintaining segregated seating in buses.

It is also worth noting that the Montgomery bus line soon decided to abandon the segregation policy, but a local judge forced the company to return to the old policy. That was when the blacks sued in federal court.

Gary North, How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left

Capitalism didn’t oppress the Black man: it was the “science-based race policy” of the state at the time, as backed by all the best Progressives.

My problem with King began soon after I read the book. He became an advocate for government intervention. He never understood the logic of his position in 1956: use voluntary action to undermine state-chartered monopolies. In short, he trusted Washington, D.C. Kennedy did provide some support, although reluctantly. Only after Johnson came into power did Washington intervene strongly in the South. But there was a terrible price to pay: the Great Society’s welfare system, which led to the break-up of the black family, just as Daniel Moynihan warned in 1965.

King was soon surrounded by men who were committed to leftist causes. I don’t know what his ideology was in 1955. He was liberal theologically. He had just earned his Ph.D. by plagiarism, and he knew it. It took over 35 years for a handful of people to find out, and when they did, the Establishment shrugged it off. Boston University did not revoke that stolen degree, which they would have done with any normal academic. It lauds him still. But what else would we expect from the mostly white, universally guilt-ridden, politically correct gutless wonders who control academia?

Gary North, How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left

The gutless wonders are going to be washed away.

So will the university system itself: completely rotten away from the inside, and overrun by alternatives on the outside.

But it won’t fall properly until the “prestige” an Ivy League degree is turned into a joke. To speed up the process, Christians would be wise to set up online alternatives: not just for the degree grants, but mutual support circles for research and scholarship. None of which should rely on the State for a dime, or to protect any world-be guild restrictions.

Don’t whore yourself out to the Elite, if you want to make a difference.

King was compromised theologically, academically, and sexually. He was soon surrounded by men on the make. They used his fame to get into the spotlight.

If he had been a God-fearing, Bible-believing, wife-honoring defender of peaceful voluntary protests against state-sanctioned tyranny, he would have become a giant of the faith — a real Martin Luther, after whom his father re-named both of them in 1934. But he fell under the spell of the far Left indoctrinators at the Highland Folk School. The school had brought Rosa Parks to its Tennessee facility in the summer of 1955. She later said that this was the first she had seen people of both races work together as equals. Here is a photo: King, folk singer Pete Seeger (still alive), and Rosa Parks.

Gary North, How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left

We lost our American Martin Luther, due to neglect and contempt. The Left saw its opportunity, and took it, while the Right continued to do the reactionary thing and defend its racial injustice and privileges.

Was Seeger a Communist? Yes. He admitted it years later.

The leftists captured King’s organization. The local people in the movement in Montgomery were not leftists. They just wanted to be treated fairly by the state. They learned that money talks. They stopped putting their dimes in the buses’ slots. They went into the courts when the city said it was illegal for anyone to sell a car ride in Montgomery. So, they walked. They really did stride toward freedom.

The movement got hijacked by the Left because the Right was on the wrong side of the issue.

I knew that in 1960. I have not changed my mind.

Gary North, How Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Hijacked by the Left

Has the Right learned its lesson?

Obviously not.

To this day, it’s all about Keeping Things the Same, and Protecting the Power Structure from Any Challenge.

Not truth, not justice, not liberty, not righteousness, not mercy, not compassion.

Not the Rule of Law, not the Dominion of Christ.

The Right is just about being a a good Liberal of 20 years ago… and nothing more.

And in the meantime, Black Intellectuals are – almost to a man – Secularist and Progressive, choosing to ignore and suppress the racism of their friends, the Progressives, for the sake of rubbing shoulders with the Inner Circle, and being loved and welcomed by Powerful People.

The Black Racial Elite shows as much contempt for the lives and beliefs common Black man, as the Christian Elite has for the common believer.

(Or the German Elite for the common German. Or the Communist Elite for the typical Communist peasant.)

Which actually means that the Best Black People are still being used — as always — by the Right Sort, from Martin Luther King Jr to Obama to the well-groomed, well-trained pets of today.

(They know it too… which is why the Woke people yell about “racist math” and “microaggressions” and place ever more ridiculous demands on White academia…. and White Academia will give in on every one of them.)

You gotta admit, though: they actually change things in the real world, and have the deepest confidence in the rightness of their delusions.

Unlike faithless Christians,

  • either White (content with their privileges, and coolly indifferent to injustice)
  • or Black (mystical escape from reality, or a Rapture escape from reality, coupled with select access to weak and vulnerable people.)

The Reasons for Christian Failure: Money and Safety

Don’t expend your resources and your credibility by boxing with shadows. Identify the problem, and fight back. The problem is 43 governors who have locked down the states. The problem is also the mayors who have gone beyond the governors. The local sheriffs and police are arresting people. They are arresting businesses that stay open. These are the people who are imposing negative sanctions.

But conservatives don’t know how to fight politically. They never have. They want to fight the grand conspiracy that doesn’t have any power, and they meekly submit to the local tyrants who take away their liberties.

Gary North, How NOT to Fight the Lockdowns

Christians will not pay the price for victory.

Therefore, they will receive defeat.

Surprise, surprise.

How many conservatives are involved in local politics? I know one. He is in my church. He is a state senator. He is a millionaire businessman. He is sharp as a tack. But he is not typical. I don’t know anybody on the city council or county commission. I never have. Conservatives aren’t interested in fighting battles they might conceivably win. They are only interested in expanding emotional resources and an occasional check to fight the Commies, the internationalists, and all the other shadows that never amounted to anything in American politics or American life.

They don’t read books, so they can’t fight the intellectual battles. They’re not interested in the intellectual battles. They really don’t believe that ideas have consequences. They’ve never been trained to think logically. They are products of the public schools.

This is why people love to run down rabbit trails. They think that they are doing something important, but they’re not. They feel as though they have made some great contribution, but they haven’t. They don’t want to confront the powers that be. They prefer to confront the powers that aren’t. The public pays no attention. The public shouldn’t pay any attention. It’s shadowboxing with ghosts.

Your governor has power. Your mayor has power. The police that are arresting people or fining people have power. But that’s not what conservatives are interested in. Doing something about that would mean hiring expensive lawyers to defend victims. Nobody wants to put up the money.

Gary North, How NOT to Fight the Lockdowns

Same song, next verse:

Christians don’t want to pay the price to win.

Therefore, they lose.

Isn’t it shocking?


Conservatives have never fought the next war. At best, they fight wars against great evils that are going to self-destruct. Conservatives don’t have victories over great evils. They make noise on the sidelines, and then the great evils self-destruct.

Fighting the war begins with pulling your kids out of the public schools and homeschooling them. That’s number-one. Conservatives won’t do it, because they won’t pay for it. Neither do libertarians. Neither do most Christians. It’s all a sham. I’ve watched it for 60 years. There is nothing substantive in the conservative, libertarian, or Christian movements in the realm of education. They surrendered before World War I, they are impotent in reversing it.

So, they’re going to lose the next war. They cannot possibly win the next war. Their children are indoctrinated by the state at taxpayers’ expense. Why would you expect anything positive to come out of that? It never does. They refused to fight the war that has to be fought because this war would involve personal sacrifice: time and money. Don’t expect conservatives, libertarians, or Christians to sacrifice time and money to educate their children. The homeschool movement has about 3% of the K-12 population. The general estimate is under 2 million students. Even if it’s twice this, it’s irrelevant to the public school establishment.

Gary North, How NOT to Fight the Lockdowns

American Christians like their religion, and they like it cheap, with lots of emotional fluff and meaningless fireworks that sound strong, but won’t get them into trouble.

“Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

God isn’t. Not in the slightest.

But God will reward His worthless servants, justly and in full.

The Costs and Rewards for Christian Success

Much better to be a worthy servant of Christ.

True: there will be pain up front, as you gain mastery of your field and pay the price for obedience to God (for no servant is higher than his Master).

But there will be rewards on this earth for faithfulness.

And — in addition to very rich and permanent rewards — there is a complete escape from pain when it matters, after the Divine Judgement on your life.

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