Obama Corruption, For the Record

Trump did not run as a moderate Republican. His populist, nationalist agenda posed an obvious threat to everything President Obama and his party had accomplished, as well as establishment interests within the Republican Party. The good news for Democrats (and their allies in Washington’s law firms, lobbying shops, and government bureaucracies) was that candidate Trump had only a remote chance of winning. Still, he needed to be watched closely.

Now we know just how closely. We are learning just how many laws, regulations, and procedures the Obama administration trampled in the process. Each new tranche of declassified documents adds to the disturbing picture. All would have remained hidden if Hillary Clinton had won.

The documents put the lie to Obama’s famous declaration that his administration was not tarnished by “even a smidgen of corruption.” Now, it seems, there are smidgen droppings all over the place.

Obama’s FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, director of national intelligence, and White House national security team were all involved in extensive, illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign and presidential transition. The spying continued after Trump took office, thanks to holdover officials and anti-Trump bureaucrats. The inescapable conclusion is that law enforcement and intelligence agencies were politicized under Obama and used to target the opposition party.


This project wasn’t carried out by one or two rogue agents. Top officials at the FBI and DoJ were directly involved. So was the Obama White House, according to secret text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Even without the text messages or declassified documents, we can infer the White House must have been deeply engaged. Only very senior officials could (1) authorize spying on an opposition presidential candidate and (2) coordinate the efforts of so many powerful agencies across the government.

Trump’s Methodical Destruction of Obama’s Legacy by Charles Lipson

That’s a lot of corruption. In my untutored eyes, it’s about the same scale as Nixon or Johnson.

Well, a fair bit higher than Nixon. Around the same as Johnson, excepting the “alleged” killings that Johnson did.

Now, we can be sure that the press will do its level best to bury it: the Progressives are as much “gotta protect The Leader, right or wrong” as the Conservatives are.

I am also sure that they will proclaim that the release of Obama’s unscrupulousness is a distraction, a shield for Trump’s unscrupulousness.

Two questions

  1. How fast will the Progressive-flavoured corruption return, should Biden get re-elected? Four days? Maybe as long as a week?

    (And just how delusionally optimistic can I get?)
  2. A perfectly reasonable challenge: Isn’t there Conservative-flavoured corruption going on?

    I am 100% confident there is plenty of conservative corruption out there… and every last drop of it will be dragged on the street and shouted from the housetops by our Completely Unbiased Media Networks.

    The correct question is: How much Progressive corruption will the press discuss, should the Democrats win the Presidential (and other associated) elections?

    To ask the question is to answer it.

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