The Rot of the White Smock Guild

The Masks Come Off

From The Science Guild’s Mask Is Falling Off by Michael Egnor

—<Quote Begins>—

Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman pointed out that science is iconoclastic. He quipped that “science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Good science is edgy, takes risks, thinks outside of the box. Real experts are good at what they do, and they understand and acknowledge their own ignorance and welcome controversies and new insights. 

Economist Alexander Salter at Texas Tech has an excellent essay for the American Institute for Economic Research. From “Incompetent Experts and Bad Government”:

Experts in the supposedly scientific fields of public health and economics have made a mess of things. Their failures would be comedic, were the consequences not so tragic. Instead of capable service for the public’s welfare, the American people have been made to suffer incompetence and malfeasance. Unless we critically examine the failure of experts, we invite similar blunders in the future… In terms of incompetence, it would be difficult to top this country’s public health officials. Case in point is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC, as it describes itself, “saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.” In truth, it has directly contributed to the opposite.


There is another sharp irony here: Internet atheists (and some journalists) have used the pandemic to bash religious believers and to imply that the “anti-intellectual” behavior of people of faith plays a large role in the spread of this virus. Of course, it is the Chinese scientific establishment — the largest community of atheist scientific experts on earth — who inflicted this pandemic on the world. Perhaps a little belief in transcendent moral accountability would have tweaked the consciences of the “freethinking” scientific experts and politicians in China when they dissembled and covered up and let this virus spread, just to protect their own backsides. The pandemic didn’t start at a church barbecue. There is a context to the scientific and political culture in China that spawned this atrocity. 


We need to understand, too, that the experts who botched this pandemic are the same people who tell us we are obliged to embrace the “consensus” in other matters: that Darwin’s theory is a fact, that the mind is meat, that quantum mechanics is the “nothing” from which the universe popped into existence, that free will isn’t real, and that science disproves God’s existence. Science by consensus is science by guild, and as we are seeing now, rule by the science guild is not merely unwise, it is deadly. Just when we are putting masks on, the science guild’s mask is falling off.

—<Quote ends>—

And you can bet that “the largest community of atheistic scientific experts on earth” is INFINITELY more interested in political power than in the truth.

After all, political power can be measured in strictly materialist ways — number of uniformed enforcers, number of ‘confessions’, number of mass graves, etc — while the truth is whatever combination of Powerful Men and the Correct Consensus says it is.

What a pack of murderous, power-hungry failures.

Trust Science!

(O’Leary for News) recall being told explicitly months ago that COVID-19 mainly killed old and/or immune-compromised people. It must be so, at least in Canada, where there have been very few deaths among healthy young people.

So why close schools, throw young people out of work, shut down and maybe destroy their businesses, make it nearly impossible for young families to move, let heart patients die because their surgeries are postponed…

Do we need Albert Einstein to figure this out?: We know where the people in long-term care are. They’re in licensed government-inspected or -run facilities. If we had simply moved to address the problems outlined above and protect them, instead of sucker-punching young people’s lives, we might have saved many seniors, prevented much loss and damage, and weathered the storm much better.

But then we’d need to ignore the pack howls from “science.”

Once we climb back out of the hole we have so furiously dug for ourselves, let’s start thinking more about ignoring the pack howls from “science.”

After all, how many more of them can we afford?

Is COVID-19 the end of “Trust Science!!”? by Denyse OLeary

We can afford as many of these costly panics as needed, until the society is destroyed, until is enslaved….

…or until the masses tire of these worthless White Smock priests: HUNGRY for the power, and unwilling to take an IOTA of responsibility for the harm they inflict.

These jokers have caused more material, measurable harm in five months, than the Catholic Church (say) has done in a century.

(“But the White Smocks still have to catch up to the Stalin/Hitler/Mao scale of Darwinism, though.”

“Well, we might want to factor in the support these priests have given to abortion, mainly by bleating about ‘overpopulation’; a studied silence about the humanity and the living, unique nature of the unborn; and the insistence of a meaningless universe…

…which really means, “an opportunity for the Right Sort to decide the meaning of the universe… and to decide meaning and the worth of their enemy’s lives, as well.”)

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