There’s a Hard Future Coming Up…

This transgender corruption — acting as the apex of the sexual abuse in the public schools (carefully suppressed in the media: did you seriously think that only clergymen are involved?) — is going to end up in a truly ugly eruption.

It is likely to happen during our demographic burnoff (and probably economic burnoff, as well) 10 or so years from now, when these mutilated and abused kids — carefully isolated from any parental protection — realize what has happened, and what they have done to themselves, how they were cut off from parental protection, and how they will get to spend MORE money on the Medical Establishment for the rest of their lives.

“An excellent stream of lifelong revenue!”, sayeth Our Masters.

The Devil and the Doctors

Why is it becoming impossible, even illegal, to say these things? Why are parents, teachers, counselors, doctors, and psychiatrists being systematically firewalled out of their childrens’ lives if they even so much as question the validity of transgender identity? Less than 1% of adults in the U.S. population as of 2016 identify as transgender, according to UCLA’s Williams Institute. Why should it be that caring for these few troubled souls requires beating the rest of us into submission?

It would be easy to answer those questions by imputing malice to the transgender radicals who run our healthcare systems and our public schools. If this were a question of hostility toward children on the part of twisted sociopaths, it would be easier to handle and understand. But this is not an intentional effort to do harm, at least not among most of the parents and caretakers who perpetrate atrocities on children. It is more tragic than that.

Children and TransgenderismSpencer Klavan

Oh, spare me.

I have had enough of the excuses the powerful offer, to justify the abuse of the powerless.

What do I care about Socialist bleatings about their Love of the Working Class, or the clergy’s whining about the Stress of the Job, or the welfare state’s weeping over the Poor and Oppressed Black People, or the Fascist’s moans about the Need to Protect His People?

All I care about is the end result: the amount of blood shed, the unjust suffering inflicted, the destruction of the children, the lies and cant and the vast sums of money stolen from the Wrong Sort, and placed in the hands of the Right Sort.

The Devil and His Second-Favourite Priesthood

This is a situation where the section heading – “The Devil and the Doctors” — is more true and accurate than the body of the text.

Still,it pays for Christian parents to get the details, and read the article in full. ESPECIALLY to see how aggressively the system is stacked against them.

(And exactly why are your kids in a public school, anyways?)

Note that the system includes all Official Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies, by the way, which are often run past State-Backed pervert censorship boards, before it becomes Ideologically True Science in the Right Publications.

(Official Science is rapidly becoming a laugh, by the way. What it flail and die after the money runs out.)

Summary I

Yes, I will admit that sometimes it is necessary to get to “the lie behind the lie”, so to speak.

Just don’t insult me with some pretty pink sugar coating, smeared on the filth.

I am uninterested in the Good Intentions of the liars, the murderers, and the State-Sanctioned child abusers.

Summary II

As North recently pointed out, the vast majority of Christians prefer to attack mysterious nameless conspiracies that have no real muscle, than strike at the very real evil, backed by their very real governors, mayors, lawyers, judges, corporate CEOS, and presidents.

(Despite the great opening for victory today, as shown here and here.)

God’s people will pay no price for victory, and refuse to face the risks of challenging the wicked. Especially when they have money, and State credentials.

So, I expect that someone other than the spineless church will stand up for the abused children across our society, who are symbolized (but certainly not all included) under the mutilated “trans children” banner.

When that group rises up, in 10 or 20 or 50 years, it will have no love for the worthless and spineless church, and (at least initially) a far greater level of moral fiber and self-sacrificial discipline than most Christians ever had.

And, as it will be attacking a bankrupt and swiftly aging-out Establishment, its victories will be amazing and sweeping, right across the culture.

THAT is the future modern Christians are creating: an enemy far tougher, far stronger, and far more justified and righteous in the eyes of God than Communism or Islam ever was.

“What you sow, is what you reap.”

Those Christians who love and uphold the law, and proclaim it in public, at least have a chance to persuade that group that not all Christians are worthless servants.

So the God that controls both His enemies and His friends, may be persuaded to spare a remnant of His people, those who were obedient, repentant, and faithful.

In the real world, where faithfulness, commitment, and self-sacrifice matters.

The rest will be left to eat the wages they have earned.

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