Laughed At… and Yet, Victorious

We have seen a shutdown of the public schools since mid-March. Nothing in American history can compare with this as a direct assault on the messianic statism of American humanism. The parents have accepted it. The teachers have moved to online education. There has been no protest.

What hard-core libertarians and hard-core conservatives and hard-core Christian parents have been calling for ever since the early 1960’s has been achieved by fiat executive orders by governors. They did it. We didn’t do it. They have received voter support for this. We were laughed at.

The teachers still control the content and pedagogy of education. What they have lost is social control. But the heart of the public schools has always been social control.

The Greatest Rollback of Statism in American History Has Just Occurred. by Gary North

So long as the good guys win, I don’t mind being laughed at.

And yet: it’s passing strange.

It’s quite rare, since the end of slavery in the British Empire, for Christians to fight a war and win a war.

What ends up happening is that Divine victory is gained by other means: an economic collapse, a lost war, some big surprise from left field.

One good reason for this is the rise of premillennialism. If Christians have no faith in God’s victory in time and on earth, then God will just use other means to get His victory. Our faithlessness in no way slows down or hinders the expansion of God’s Kingdom: it just adds to our own condemnation before the Throne.

At best, more wood, stubble, and hay to burn up at the Judgement, more wasted years and wasted talents and wasted energy, chasing the wrong things. At worse, our very flesh and bone and soul, if our faithlessness cuts us off from Jesus Christ!

Since fighting God is futile, why not repent, and get on His side… the winning side?

If God is going to win no matter what, why no do what He says? It’s a better long-term choice… and often, a good mid-term choice too, “in time and on earth”.

(Sorry, but I’m pretty sure that there will ALWAYS be serious short-term costs, for standing on the Lord’s side. That’s just the way it is.)

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