Hating the Weak… and Freeing the Weak

The politicians and medical experts basking in the COVID spotlight have traded the façade of an effective public health response for the hidden realities of mental illness. As talking heads repeatedly prattled the “flatten the curve” mantra, the curves for stress, suicide, and addiction all steepened. A study by the Well Being Trust concluded that “deaths of despair”—which include all suicide and substance-related fatalities resulting from fear, unemployment, and isolation—may total seventy-five thousand by the end of the COVID crisis. Their death knells rang out the moment governors committed their states to shutting down. 

And among those who live, the residual psychological and behavioral effects will remain long after the lockdowns are over—possibly for the rest of their lives. Indeed, by overstepping individual judgment, the government imposed a one-size-fits-none solution so debilitating and unprecedented that the country will never truly recover. In the long run—aside from the blips and bumps of infection and disease—the state remains the true risk to the health of the nation.

State Lockdowns Are Creating a Mental Health Disaster by James Ketler

Our Betters — lovingly echoed by the Media — love to boast of their love and concern of the poorest and weakest among us.

That’s a lie, as demonstrated by their actions.

Let’s see if the churches — without backing by well-oiled weapons, a legal system they personally own, or legislatures in their pocket — can do better than this,

“You’ll never see that.
The Right Sort own all the levels of legal power and social control,
and always will.”

No, they won’t. Evil is naturally self-destructive, which is what we see here. And as it destroys its own wealth and legitimacy, it’s span of control shrinks, and the ways it can be forced back grows and grows.

The Empire will die. Get ready shape society into a better form than the delusional nonsense they created.

Twenty twenty is likely to be a watershed year in the history of public schooling. And things aren’t looking good for the public schools.

For decades, we’ve been fed a near-daily diet of claims that public schooling is one of the most important—if not the most important—institutions in America. We’re also told that there’s not nearly enough of it, and this leads to demands for longer school hours, longer school years, and ever larger amounts of money spent on more facilities and more tech.

And then, all of sudden, with the panic over COVID-19, it was gone.

It turns out that public schooling wasn’t actually all that important after all, and that extending the lives of the over-seventy demographic takes precedence.

Yes, the schools have tried to keep up the ruse that students are all diligently doing their school work at home, but by late April it was already apparent that the old model of “doing public school” via internet isn’t working. In some places, class participation has collapsed by 60 percent, as students simply aren’t showing up for the virtual lessons.

The political repercussions of all this will be sizable.

The School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools by Ryan McMaken

It looks like God will first expand liberty to the smallest and weakest and the powerless, and have it grow from there.

I find this fitting. As it’s a good contrast to Our Betters, who only seek to crush the head of the children as they are born — in a vile parody of Christ crushing the head of the serpent —

(And not an original idea, either: see King Herod for details,
or Pharaoh and the children of the Hebrews)

— or to slice up their reproductive organs after they are born, destroying their ability to bear children, ripping up their mind and spirit, and bringing joy in the eyes of Our Betters the intensely evil men and women that Christians have chosen to have as their rulers, instead of King Jesus and His Law-Word.

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