Basic Spiritual Meat: The Covenant Model

Understanding the covenantal model — how God relates to man — is the basic core of That You May Prosper.

Every Christian who wants to grasp the nature of our relationship to God should master this truth, as it will accelerate your walk and decrease the likelihood of missteps and spiritual error.

Spiritually strong and deeply rooted Christians, confident in their relationship with Christ and very aware of BOTH the blessings AND the curses of the Bible, have have changed the world many times before, for the better.

It’s time to do it again!

I realized that the five-point biblical model governs the so-called two tables of the law. The so-called First Table is the priestly code; the so-called Second Table is the kingly code.

I hastily wrote a Preface for The Sinai Strategy, which was due at the printers. I outlined the two sections as follows:

Priestly Code

Transcendence: prohibition of false worship
Hierarchy: no graven images (representation)
Ethics: prohibition against misusing God’s name.
Oath: sabbath as day of judgment (baptism, Lord’s supper)
Succession: honoring father and mother; long life as the promised inheritance.

Kingly Code

Transcendence: prohibition against murder (God’s image)
Hierarchy: prohibition of adultery (covenant authority)
Ethics: prohibition against theft
Oath: no false witness
Succession: no coveting of another’s property, which constitutes family inheritance

Gary North, in the Preface of Ray R Sutton’s That You May Prosper.
“Footnotes deleted”

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