On Health Care for the Poor

America’s healthcare system as we know it today is a great mess; all because we refuse to follow God’s law which is simple, easy to follow, and not burdensome (Deut 30:11; 1 John 5:3). Mankind saw that society was sick and instead of trusting in God for direction, we turned to the State as the answer to all our medical needs. The result has been harmful–exorbitant prices, restricted access, and lower quality. But what if we followed God’s law-word? History shows that the church has already demonstrated to the world that God’s plan for healthcare is, and always will be, superior to man’s. God blessed the efforts of Christians in the past who pioneered in medical service because they knew that healthcare was a spiritual matter that pertained to Christ’s kingdom. Today Christians are confused as to what the mission of the church entails, the extent of Christ’s reign, the validity of God’s law, and the power of the gospel to permeate throughout all of life, hence, healthcare stopped being a religious matter. As a result, the church stood by and did nothing as the world gave up the responsibility of healthcare to government control. If Christians continue to do nothing and let the secular state take over healthcare, we can anticipate higher taxes to fund a single-payer system (i.e. a socialist healthcare system), shortages that come with socialized medical services, more regulation over “hazardous” behavior, mandatory vaccinations, and loss of licenses for doctors who refuse to perform abortions or gender reassignment surgery.

Turning things around will not be easy but nothing is impossible with God. The church has already been promised great victory for its future. Isaiah prophesies about a time when God’s kingdom will be dominant in the world and His law will be the rule for all nations (Isa 2:2-4).

God’s Law, Economics, And Healthcare For The Poor by Benjamin Moore

We should start helping the poor now, even with charitable health care networks.

And we should join similar networks ourselves.

For the day is coming, when the fake Savior-State will be revealed to be the financially bankrupt fraud it is.

It is already a proven spiritual & moral fraud: and, as believers should know, the spiritual truth lays the foundation for the physical truth. Adam was declared dead in the spirit, long before he died physically: but the physical death became inevitable when his spirit was declared corrupt by God.

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