On John Scott’s book, Your Mind Matters:

Anti-intellectualism has taken a serious toll in the churches in America over the last century. While it is true that our covenantal standing before God is not dependent on our intellectual abilities, it is also true that we can’t effectively seek the Kingdom of God, or build its civilization, if we are not good stewards of the gifts we have been given, including our ind. The Fall completely corrupted the nature of man, including his intellect (what Van Til called the “noetic effect of sin”). The regeneration of the Atonement redeems and restores man’s total nature, including his mind.

This same anti-intellectualism has been much stronger in Eastern Europe, where the influence of the Eastern Orthodox Church pervades. Intellectual efforts and knowledge were, and still are, often presented from the pulpits as dangerous and leading believers astray from being “spiritual.” As long as such an attitude prevails, no matter how many book we publish, many Christians in Bulgaria won’t read them.

John Stott addresses of that problem head on in his book. He shows that our minds are an integral part of our spiritual nature, and that true regeneration will necessarily lead to a regeneration of the mind and therefore to higher intellectual standards, even an increased intellectual capacity. More than that, renewing our minds is a Biblical imperative: We are commanded to outthink and outreason the enemies of God. And our obedience to defend the faith to the best of our ability and thus expand the Kingdom of God, needs us to think better, reason better, do logic better, develop ideas and concepts better than our opponents.

Please pray that John Stott’s book will be well received both in the Christian community and outside of it.

From Bulgarian Reformation Ministries newsletter, May 2020

The money shot:

More than that, renewing our minds is a Biblical imperative: We are commanded to outthink and outreason the enemies of God.

Time to work, time to put in the hours and the mental sweat to obey God.

Time to win.

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