Bringing in the Sheaves

Book Reviews:

“Those who wish to implement a Biblically based program of charity in a church, private association, or family should make use of the single most helpful work on the subject: George Grant’s Bringing in the Sheaves: Transforming Poverty into Productivity.
David Chilton, Author of Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt-Manipulators

“I believe that Bringing in the Sheaves answers questions and provides detailed instructions for Christians who have a genuine concern for the poor and needy. It is simply a book whose time has come.
Dr. D. James Kennedy, Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Now, the Book and the Plans. From the book flap:

America’s war on poverty is a dismal failure. Federally funded welfare programs have become an incessant reminder that gross mismanagement, fiscal irresponsibility, misappropriated authority, and escalating calamity are the inevitable results of a society that attempts to solve complex human problems apart from the clear instruction of Scripture.

The Biblical mandate is to care for the poor, the oppressed, and the disenfranchised. The Biblical mandate is to take the salve of gospel love to the stranger, the hungry, and the misbegotten.

Rev. Grant knows the dismal failures and the Biblical solutions. He believes the Bible and the blueprint it offers can transform poverty into productivity. Bringing in the Sheaves is not just another book on poverty. It is a comprehensive and practical program designed for families, churches, and private enterprises to step in and do the hard work of securing social justice in our time.

The book is filled with detailed steps of action that can be immediately enacted without access to vast amounts of time, money, space, skills, or resources. In other words, Bringing in the Sheaves, unlike most other books on poverty, is not primarily theory. It is primarily practice. Biblical practice.

“He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, but he who is gracious to the needy honors Him” (Proverbs 14:31, NASB).

Sooner than you think, the welfare state is going to die.

The poor will be very weak then. It will be easy to oppress and crush them…
…and so earn damnation from On High.

We as Christian Reconstructionists must gird our loins, to give a temporary hand to the poor and needy, so that they can permanently stand on their own two feet.

That is the way of blessings from On High.

You can get the book “Bringing in the Sheaves” here.

Also see it’s companion book, In the Shadow of Plenty, by the same author.

While I don’t think homelessness will be a huge problem – with the coming aging and depopulation of the West – it is still a real issue. The Dispossessed has useful solutions, that a congregation can put to work.

You can take a look at all the other resources, waiting to be dusted off the shelves and put to work, here.

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