The Dispossessed

Now Coming: Fantasy for the Masses…

Just a followup to George Grant’s The Dispossessed.

North notes that plenty of people are not receiving more money in coronavirus lockdown welfare checks, then they got from their jobs. And there’s going to be plenty of voting pressure to keep it that way.

….Then, Reality for the Masses

Bernie Sander’s Universal Income is on it’s way. And it’s likely to be fast-tracked, assuming a Democratic presidency, senate and house: a rather safe assumption, in my view.

Long term? The money will flow nicely, for several years… maybe enough to hit the decade mark… and then The Machine Stops.

AFTER millions of people lost their work ethic, their links to reality, isolated from people with their sports and video games, and having taught what children they had to just waste their lives.

In a rapidly aging, increasingly childless society.

We are already dramatically closer to bankruptcy then in February 2020. When the FED decides that the inflation rate is in the 5%-10% range, and decides to stop the presses, there will be a decision: either the machine stops (and the pensions of the bankers and the FED bureaucracy is saved), or Congress nationalizes the FED, and prints to its heart’s content.

You might want to look into what happened to the Continentals, when the young United States Government decided to just print and print, and wash away its war debts.

Welfare debts are better than war debts: but it’s still a crushing burden, and revoking them is going to inflict a certain level of punishment.

(Better to have avoided them in the first place: “The borrower is enslaved to the lender”. But we know what both Republicans and Democrats have to say: “Deficits don’t matter.”)

Homelessness, Modified

I don’t think that homelessness itself will be a major problem, after the Great Default.

There’s going to be a lot of empty malls, and a lot of abandoned homes. And not much local money to demolish the eyesores.

But it costs money to heat and light these abandoned hulks. Nobody is going to have that kind of cash, so expect darkness and cold (in many parts of America).

And no technology. No piped water. No sewage or garbage disposal, either.

And as time wears on, the rotting husks of American prosperity is going to crack and crumble and fall apart, becoming a hazard to live in.

(No building inspectors, though. Those people cost money: and nobody has it to waste on dead buildings. Or, maybe, on any building.)

So, not exactly homelessness. It might be better to call it uncivilization, instead.

The Literal Christian Reconstruction of America

This is where we come in.

We are the ones who will have to redeem all those people with their morals and work ethic shattered. Stuffed with hopelessness, without the first idea of self-governance and self-control, without any understanding of Divine Law.

Without family, without hope, without any vision of the future.

We will have to preach and live the postmillennial life. We will have to teach and build the kingdom of God, with out hands as well as our minds.

And, there are going to be losses. Not just in lost time and money, but in blood as well. Real casualties that we will have to bury.

No great thing can be built, without a price being paid.

No servant is greater than his Master.

We are going to build something great, after the System and its filth is washed away.

But building the Kingdom of God isn’t going to be free.

(Not even salvation is free!
It’s a free gift to us, but Jesus Christ paid a steep price for our freedom.)

The Best Time to Help the Homeless…

…is now.

These people, despite their setbacks, know the basic difference between right and wrong.

Sure, some of them may well be fixed in the path of worthlessness.

But many, even the solid majority, are not. And — given a hand — they can again be a asset to the community, not a burden.

And these homeless people are civilized people. The vast majority are harmless and have a sense of ethics, and with some assistance can be re-integrated into society fairly easily.

Unlike the homeless of, say, 2050. Thirty years from now. Who may well know nothing about the Law, or Justice, or Mercy. Or the high value of a human life. Or the need to sacrifice today, to get a better tomorrow… even if you (or your gene pool!) never see that future.

“Just a focus on the immediate realities of power and control, safety and pleasure.
Like any true Darwinian, free of every scrap of worthless, lying Christian blather.”


Learn your trade of Rebuilding the World while the work is easy, and the sun is shining.

For the night is coming.

A brief night, if God’s people stick to their knitting.

But still, a time of darkness.

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