The Land of the Free

Core America

Gary North noted that these states had no lockdown order — Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Arkansas — so they will have a permanent advantage of liberty (and wealth generation!) over the rest of the nation due to fewer regs, which 1) will harm both liberty and business and 2) will cost money to enforce.

(And yes: for the record, all the free states had Republican governors.)

A shame that the South had only one governor ballsy enough to stand against the tide: if Georgia, Florida and Texas stood for liberty when it mattered — instead of reaching for power and control “in an emergency” that completely violated both liberty and their state constitutions — there would be a permanent advantage for the South.

Slavery is the road to poverty and death. Liberty is the road to prosperity and life.

No matter what the media and the doctors say.

(I am truly puzzled why Arkansas, of all the South, knew what not to do, and resisted the media-fueled mania. It’s the land of Clinton, after all!

Well, God smiled on them for some reason. Maybe because they treated North well while he lived there!)

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