Not Cynicism. Us vs Them.

Authenti-ception is the new sixth sense. Sensing the truth, identifying who is and isn’t authentic, and what is and isn’t real and true, has evolved along with mass media and the internet, data compression and AI. Hardly anyone is left on the planet believes reality TV is real. Very few believe anything any government has to say, anywhere, and of course Donald Trump has been huuugely effective in helping this fundamental narrative along. Beyond that, Wikileaks has been a big help, revealing what’s behind the news we hear, and the lies politicians and corporations spew. This evolution has been a long time coming – and now it is fracturing faith even in the top law enforcement agency. The reaction to General Flynn’s case being rejected for FBI malfeasance gets a nod and a shrug, because we already know the police can legally lie to you, the feds will set you up, and plea bargains are usually contrived. You could call it an age of cynicism, but Americans are not cynics, by any means. It is simple “us and them,” this is just how government behaves. Everyone knows that.

Great Things Are Happening! By Karen Kwiatkowski

“Us and them.”

At some point in the future, “Us vs. Them.”

The Right Sort mainly rule primarily by lies, secondarily by bribes, and only thirdly by badges and guns.

But the lies corrode the legitimacy of the government among the leading groups of the general public.

The bribes can buy off 80% of the public, easily. And when the checks stop flowing to the public?

Their remains badges and guns: but they are a finite resource, with a finite reach, and need to be paid for as well. Not good, with a collapsing local… then state budget.

The federal government can print, so they can hold out longer: but when inflation hits 10%, there will be a choice: either cut the budget, or let the currency go to zero. Either road counts as a Great Default.

When the money stops coming, legitimacy goes to zero.

If the cops and army aren’t paid — very unlikely, but just about possible — there’s going to be a new flag on the poles, and/or a new constitution (written or not), and a new coin to use, to match the new banks.

I am not sure what happens if and when corporate welfare cheques are cut. I have never heard of such a thing happening, certainly not on a wide scale.

Outside of the Warsaw Pact, 1989-1992.

Perhaps a researcher who speaks fluent Russian can check it out, for lessons that may be transferrable to the United States in the 2030-2040 era.

The immediate future decades are going to hurt. But I believe that, even as the American Empire dies, something far stronger is struggling to be born.

I may even live to see it.

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